Witch’s Reign The Desert Cursed Series Volume 1

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Recent reader reviews…. Indiana jones battles the White Witch of Narnia. Not exactly, but it has the same classic feel good to it!”“A rip-roaring start to another outstanding urban fantasy series by this amazing author!” “Zamira is one of those heroines that you don't quickly forget. To get to the witch’s reign, you first must pass through the Dragon’s Ground.

A human that is as weak and useless as my own shifting abilities. Forbidden or not. Somehow, i get saddled with a human male tagging along for the ride. It is one of the best books I have read all year!”. The witch’s reign…a land of eternal, unnatural winter ruled by the Ice Witch. In turn, she is guarded by three supernatural creatures who wander her lands hunting for unwary souls, killing any who cross their paths.

Witch's Reign The Desert Cursed Series Volume 1 - Full of dragons, who for the record, do not like trespassers. This is where I am headed, though my mentor has forbidden me. My best friend was sent with a team into the Witch’s Reign to recover a powerful jewel that belongs to our mentor, and they are long overdue to come back. The way she eloquently spews profanities is admirable, and I kind of want to be her best friend.

I am so glad i decided to finally bump this book up to the top of my reading list. Throw in a sentient magical weapon that tries to kill me every time I touch it, and a small dragon that has a penchant for Shakespearean insults, and you’ve got my journey in a nutshell.

Dragon's Ground The Desert Cursed Series Volume 2

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Assuming she doesn’t eat him first. With my pride wounded in more ways than one, I must gather the few allies’ I have left. My mentor has yet again forbidden me to leave the safety of the Stockyards. Buckle up, buttercup, this ride is about to take a seriously unforeseen twist. Like i said, idiot. I’d go after him myself, but his leave-taking is not the only problem I face.

It was pure magic woven into words!”“you all have to read this! You will get caught up in this incredible world Shannon has created and I highly recommend it!”“The dynamic between Zam, Lila the dragon, and Maks the human is fantastic. If you like kf breene, or shayne silvers, kim harrison, ilona andrews, faith hunter, Kelley Armstrong, Jaymin Eve, Patricia Briggs, you won’t want to miss Mayer’s books!Recent reader’s reviews…“I am truly in love with this book.

Dragon's Ground The Desert Cursed Series Volume 2 - My ex-husband's new girlfriend at the top of the list and a goat bleating, oversexed Satyr. Fml. If i’m lucky i’ll find a small dragon and a Jinn whose blue eyes still haunt my dreams along the way. Because said healer is a dragon and happens to reside in the deepest reaches of the Dragon’s Ground. Dragons and danger and magic collide.

And its only Monday. Once more zamira must test her mettle against a world bent on breaking her, proving she is more than she seems.

Jinn's Dominion Desert Cursed Series Volume 3

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Marsum, leader of the Jinn. There was nothing that could have prepared me for Dragon’s Ground. Ishtar’s new hunters. And what that means for my fate and the fate of those I love. The further south we go, the more danger comes not only from outside our group, but from within. All three claim they can give me the world on a silver platter, to give me my deepest desires.

Just my black cat bad luck, the world is set to prove me wrong. Color me cautious, but I think all three are lying. South lies the jinn’s Dominion, and within it the members of my Pride who need my help. Or so it seems until i reach the Jinn’s Dominion and discover the truth…About who I really am. And i thought that nothing could be worse than what I faced there.

Jinn's Dominion Desert Cursed Series Volume 3 - And the Emperor himself. All three want something from me.

Oracle's Haunt Desert Cursed Series

Independently published - And as the alpha of our pride, it’s up to me to act responsibly and not get my people all killed. Driving us from behind comes the desert goddess whose rage is centered on me, and with her is a new ally, who still holds my heart in his hands. Yet, i can’t help but hope that the Oracle will be the answer to what I seek.

But getting to the oracle is no small thing as she resides in the center of the Blasted lands—toxic waste, lava, and monsters. Also available!witch's reign desert cursed book 1 Dragon's Ground Desert Cursed Book 2 Jinn's Dominion Desert Cursed Book 3. Hope is a four letter word. One whose voice calls to me still.

Oracle's Haunt Desert Cursed Series - Eyes on the prize, I will push forward, even though hope feels weak and pointless. Along the way, maybe my heart will heal, maybe I’ll bring my brother back from the dead, maybe this will turn out okay after all. Or maybe i will lose everything, and everyone I hold dear and discover I’m not meant to save anyone.

Hope might spring eternal, but she’s a right bitch as far as I can see.

Natural Witch Magical Mayhem Volume 1

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - He is now the only thing between me and magical enslavement. Barely knowing a spell from a few swear words and luck, I won't be able to evade them alone. And that's when I meet him. A hole that I could never seem to fill. The best and most feared mage in the world. He's dangerous, mysterious, and has a vendetta of his own.

Breene! something has always been missing from my life. The rogue Natural. When i accidentally turn a coven of witches into nightmares, I find out what that something is. Magic. And it turns out, I have a crap load of it. As a latent power awakens deep inside of me, I'm exposed to one of the most powerful and corrupt organizations in the magical world--the Mages' Guild.

Natural Witch Magical Mayhem Volume 1 - The explosive new addition to the DDVN World Fire and Ice Series by USA Today Bestselling author K. F.

Aimless Witch Questing Witch Series Volume 1

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - But if i embrace the darkness I will face a cost I could never have imagined…. Freedom from the chains I wear, and the power to make everything right. Through it all the humans fight to survive as they compete not only with the supernaturals for food and resources, but their own kind as well. And me? the caravans of humans I pass, they look to me to save them.

Only i am not the witch I once was. Bound by those who fear my power and my bloodline, I’m lucky if I can light a match with my magic, never mind protect anyone but myself. Now, the darkness in me rises, offering me all that I want. The land is longer whole, most technology gone, but broken into pieces, and the continents shattered into an unrecognizable place.

Aimless Witch Questing Witch Series Volume 1 - New monsters have risen from the depths, adding danger on top of danger. It has been three years since the Destroyer sundered our world. From the world of rylee adamson and the Elemental Series comes a heroine with nothing to lose and everything to prove…. My name is pamela, and I am a witch who has no equal.

Or so I thought.

Caravan Witch Questing Witch

Independently published - I don’t know how much longer i can deny its strength, because in this world strength is safety, and safety is all I can offer those around me. The worst of what I face though is far harder to admit. My black magic takes it’s pound of flesh every time I use it, and each time the cost climbs. And yet, seducing me, it calls to me, all the while consuming little pieces of my soul.

It’s a right bastard like that. As if surviving the end of the world, and the theft of my powers wasn’t enough on their own, a heaping pile of Ogre and a side of human raiders has been added to my plate while trying to feed our starving caravan. May the gods have mercy on me, because I have it in me to deny the magic that blackens my blood any longer….

Elemental Witch The Questing Witch Series

Hijinks Ink Publishing - Myself, and my father. But the elementals we face are no fools. A child who could be everything they need to force all the elementals to bend a knee. Because i’m done hiding too. My name is pamela, and I am the strongest witch the world has ever seen. A child whom I’ve always known was special. They’ve taken Frost.

If i have to break the world again to find him, I will. They want to put the humans beneath their heels, and they want all the power to themselves. Standing between them and their goal are only two people, two that still hold a connection to Spirit, the key to stopping them. And the elementals had better be ready to play.

Elemental Witch The Questing Witch Series - Only i’m not just a witch, I’m an elemental, and that truth makes me a target and a threat. The elementals of this world are done hiding in the shadows. And there is a faction of them who want to rule our world. They’ve taken the most precious thing from us both.

Iron and Magic: The Iron Covenant Book 1 Volume 1

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Hugh is a shadow of the warrior he was, but when he learns that the Iron Dogs, are being hunted down and murdered, soldiers who would follow him anywhere, he must make a choice: to fade away or to be the leader he was born to be. Desperate to shield her people and their simple way of life, she would accept help from the devil himself—and Hugh d’Ambray might qualify.

Elara harper is a creature who should not exist. Both are infamous for betraying their allies, so how can they create a believable alliance to meet the challenge of their enemies? As the prophet says: “It is better to marry than to burn. Hugh and Elara may do both. Fast. Hugh d’ambray, preceptor of the Iron Dogs, Warlord of the Builder of Towers, served only one man.

Iron and Magic: The Iron Covenant Book 1 Volume 1 - Her enemies call her Abomination; her people call her White Lady. Tasked with their protection, she's trapped between the magical heavyweights about to collide and plunge the state of Kentucky into a war that humans have no power to stop. Hugh knows he must carve a new place for himself and his people, but they have no money, no shelter, and no food, and the necromancers are coming.

. Hugh needs a base, Elara needs soldiers. Now his immortal, nearly omnipotent master has cast him aside.

Natural Mage Magical Mayhem Volume 2

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - But with her happier busting heads and kicking in doors than staying put with a pupil in hiding, it isn't long before the world comes crashing down. After narrowly surviving my debut into the magical world, I made a promise to myself: no more hiding in broom closets. But with the mages' guild reorganizing faster than anyone thought possible, and naming me as their number one target, that promise seems a little far-fetched.

Especially since my training with Callie and Dizzy, the highly experienced dual-mage pair, goes off like a cake in a cannon. Left to find someone that can fill the role, it isn't until a formal dinner party goes horribly wrong that I find the best and worst solution imaginable: Reagan Somerset, the leather-clad crazy woman who busted into my broom closet sanctuary in the first place.

Natural Mage Magical Mayhem Volume 2 - Through an off-kilter teaching style and many punches in the face, I learn my true potential. The guild has found me, and they intend to take me alive.

Recurve The Elemental Series Volume 1

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - With over 1 million books sold, Shannon Mayer proves once again she can dominate her genre right out of the gate. My name is larkspur, and I am an Elemental. My people use the power of the earth to sustain life and defy our enemies. What a fantastic start to a new fantasy series! I love a strong female lead and we were delivered that in spades with Larkspur.

. Welcome to being an Elemental. But as a half-breed, bastard child, that isn't going to happen. I've been accused of attacking the queen, my wicked stepmother, and my life is suddenly on the line. I can't wait to see what comes next!" -boundless book reviewsfrom hijinks Ink Publishing and Shannon Mayer comes The USA Today Bestselling ELEMENTAL SERIES beginning with RECURVE Book 1.

Recurve The Elemental Series Volume 1 - . This story is fast paced and exciting right from the start. I should be at my father's side as a royal princess. I have only two options left to me: banishment, or training to become one of the King's Elite Guards, an Ender. Option one will kill me. Option two is meant to break me, but is the only way to survive.