We Made It Through The Wreckage


In Our Time

He allows his light to shine inward but only to a degree, admitting to some autobiography on In Our Time but as glimpsed through an imaginative lens. None of that is by accident: the album, like its 2016 predecessor, we made It Through the Wreckage, was recorded in Nashville -- a place AHI finds attractive for its sound and skilled studio hands rather than its glitzy polish -- and this time on analog-to-tape with flourishes of digital technology.

While his music possesses a quality of timelessness, the sounds here reveal a broad spectrum of influence and also toe the line between retro and revelatory. Leading with his heart as much as with his head, AHI is an emotional yet discerning lyricist who would rather demonstrate love than use the word itself.

. Ahi- in Our Time.

My New Moon

Ahi- in Our Time. Each track on my new Moon takes a journey through these intense and personal experiences. Hang on, and “i get weak” is a beautifully dark love song to something that might kill you, “Crooked” brings to light the difficult and confusing times we’ve faced throughout history in America, Hang On” reflects the helplessness that comes after the loss of a loved one, but you need it to go on living.

Opening track “no more darkness, no more light” was rewritten entirely after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and speaks to the hope for change that lies in amongst tragic situations and challenges. Little light, ” written for a young girl who beat cancer, is a positive message of spreading light for the world to see, even if you’re facing hardship.

Amos lee- My New Moon. Singer/songwriter amos lee says his seventh studio album My New Moon is “a dedication…it’s an offering - an altar of sorts to those who have shared their sorrows with me. It is a product of profound human experiences; loss, grief, sorrow, healing, love, hope, and rejuvenation.

The album as a whole reflects the darkness and the light that we all both experience and bring into the world, and how through these personal experiences and hard times, we grow more connected to one another.

The Prophet Speaks

Van morrison- The Prophet Speaks. The prophet speaks is van morrison’s 40th studio album and will be released on 12/7. Ahi- in Our Time. This 14 track album follows a recent run of hugely acclaimed albums Roll With The Punches, Versatile and You’re Driving Me Crazy, each delving into musical styles that have inspired Van throughout his life – vocal jazz and R&B.

Here, van takes on a series of classics by the likes of John Lee Hooker, Sam Cooke and Solomon Burke and makes them unmistakably his own, alongside six phenomenal new Van compositions. Amos lee- My New Moon.


Van morrison- The Prophet Speaks. Amos lee- My New Moon. Ahi- in Our Time.


Sonically timeless but lyrically relevant, Oklahoma solidifies Keb’ as a modern master of American roots music, a reputation he has held and expanded on throughout his 25+ year career. Ahi- in Our Time. Amos lee- My New Moon. Van morrison- The Prophet Speaks. Fresh off the grammy-award winning album tajmo, prolific blues musician Keb’ Mo’ returns his first solo record in five years, his collaboration with Taj Mahal, Oklahoma.

. Shrink-wrapped.

Wasteland, Baby!

Van morrison- The Prophet Speaks. Amos lee- My New Moon. The album also includes the singles 'Movement' and 'Almost Sweet Music. Wasteland, baby! is the follow up LP to Hozier's 2014 critically acclaimed self-titled debut album. The track was highlighted as one of Barack Obama's favorite songs of 2018. Wasteland, baby! is the highly anticipated sophomore album singer-songwriter Hozier.

. Jones. The album included this first worldwide hit, 'Take Me To Church, ' that a nomination for Song of the Year and the 2015 Grammy Awards. Ahi- in Our Time. Shrink-wrapped. The 14 track album was preceded by the September, 2018 release of Hozier's 4-track EP, Nina Cried Power. Hozier- Wasteland, Baby. With a phenomenal reception by critics worldwide, Canada, Denmark, Australia, United States, UK, reaching Top 10 chart positions in Ireland, the album was also a commercial success, and Greece.

The track nina cried power' is also included on wasteland, Baby! and features vocals from multi-Grammy Award-winning artist and performer Mavis Staples and instrumentation by renowned Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Booker T.


Hozier- Wasteland, Baby. Cd ahi- in Our Time. Van morrison- The Prophet Speaks. Shrink-wrapped. Mumford & Sons- Delta. Amos lee- My New Moon.

This Land

Gary clark Jr- This Land. Ahi- in Our Time. Shrink-wrapped. The grammy award-winning maverick channels his signature sense of soul from the crossroads of rock ‘n' roll, hip-hop, blues, jazz, reggae and punk. Amos lee- My New Moon. He emerges with a body of work that is dynamic in every sense, embodying an ever-evolving sound that transformed him into an artistic force anointed by everyone from President Barack Obama to the late Prince.

. Hozier- Wasteland, Baby. Van morrison- The Prophet Speaks. Clark's most accomplished songwriting and virtuosic performances to date; THIS LAND delivers socially relevant, and musically rich declaration as unapologetic, transcendentally ambitious, undeniable, and unique as he is. Mumford & Sons- Delta.

Amidst the Chaos

Gary clark Jr- This Land. Van morrison- The Prophet Speaks. Shrink-wrapped. Amos lee- My New Moon. Mumford & Sons- Delta. Shrink-wrapped. Hozier- Wasteland, Baby. Cd ahi- in Our Time.

By The Way, I Forgive You

Gary clark Jr- This Land. Amos lee- My New Moon. Van morrison- The Prophet Speaks. Brandi carlile- by The Way, I Forgive You. Mumford & Sons- Delta. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Ahi- in Our Time. It's about radical acceptance not to be confused with complacency and unconditional love. By the way, i forgive you is not an album about forgiveness in the easy sense-where someone has hurt you and then suddenly there's a great reconciliation and a remorse-filled scene with two people running across the golden wheatfield towards an embrace that somehow undoes a lifetime of pain and damage, as if the past has no meaning.

Hozier- Wasteland, Baby.