The Authority The Culling Trilogy Book 2

- Her friend and mentor dahn Enceladus is charismatic and ambitious, but although Glade cares for him, she can no longer trust him. Vowing to help the rebels fight the authority from the inside, Glade must sabotage a captured Ferryman ship that The Authority  is planning to use to attack the Ferrymen stronghold.

Her younger sisters are also in danger of facing Datapoint testing, and now she’s being forced into an upgrade she cannot refuse. She’s a trained killing machine—selected by the ruthless Authority to be a Datapoint, a tech-enabled agent of the state who eliminates threats to the human colonies throughout the solar system in the Culling.

The Authority The Culling Trilogy Book 2 - . When everything she’s ever known is a lie, one young woman must make a choice that could change the course of history. Glade io is torn between two worlds. But her time among rogue colonists called the Ferrymen has convinced her that The Authority has far more sinister plans in store, and all the justifications they fed to her are lies.

Though glade is drawn to the brave leader of the Ferrymen, Kupier, she has older loyalties as well. But help is about to arrive in an unlikely form: a ghost from her distant past.

The Ferrymen The Culling Book 3

- Now glade faces a dilemma: sabotage The Authority from within, or return to fight alongside the Ferrymen, possibly putting her sisters’ lives in danger. Meanwhile ferryman leader kupier longs to travel the stars with Glade, free from constant war, but to do that he believes they must strike The Authority at its heart: the ancestral homeworld of Earth.

Having fled with her younger sisters to live among the Ferrymen, she knows there is no going back now. Torn in two directions, Glade must make one fateful choice—for herself, and the future of humanity. Glade Io is a rebel. She is committed to the cause of overthrowing the brutal Authority, and she trains her new comrades in the art of combating Datapoints like herself—those tasked with the Ferrymen’s destruction.

The Ferrymen The Culling Book 3 - Glade is hesitant; she hopes taking out the Datapoints living on the Station will be enough. But when the time comes, glade faces the specter of killing her former friends in cold blood and her former mentor, Dahn Enceladus, tells her that The Authority has eyes and ears within the rebel stronghold.

The Culling The Culling Trilogy Book 1

- But when she’s kidnapped by rogue colonists known as the Ferrymen, everything Glade thinks she knows about the colonies, and The Authority that runs them, collapses into doubt. Pulled between two opposing sides, and with her family’s lives hanging in the balance, Glade is unsure of who to trust—and time is running out.

Marked at a young age as an individual with violent tendencies, she was taken from her family and groomed to be a Datapoint—a biotech-enabled analyst who carries out the Culling. She is designed to identify and destroy any potential humans that threaten the colonies: those marked as lawbreakers, unproductive or sick.

The Culling The Culling Trilogy Book 1 - . In a solar system where the Authority decides who lives and who dies, only one of their own executioners can stop them. Glade io is a trained killer.

The Empties The Glitches Series Book 2

- Lib isn’t like other Glitches. Her ability to merge with technology is causing a rift in her newfound family, and putting them in danger. Soon she’ll have to choose whether to return to the Norm or stay with the people she’s come to rely on in the Outside. There’s just one problem: Lib’s memories are missing.

With the help of fellow glitch Skye she hopes to hack the AI that will allow them to return to the city and save her family. When she learns a horrifying truth about the AI and her mother’s part in it, Lib is shaken to the core. Is survival worth any price?cast out of the norm, Lib must fight for every second of life among the Rogues in the desert wasteland that is now her home, scavenging in abandoned cities known as the Empties.

The Empties The Glitches Series Book 2 - When her desire to know the truth about herself forces her to return to the Norm, handsome Rogue leader Wolf Tracker insists on accompanying her to the lion’s den. There, she meets an old friend—but Lib is no longer sure they can be trusted. Now, she’ll have to decide if humanity’s survival is worth a bloody cost.

The Norm The Glitches Series Book 3

- Breaking into the norm is the easy part, now Lib must face an enemy far worse than she could’ve anticipated. Lib knows remaining hidden means certain death, but convincing the Rogues to follow her may be an impossible task. While lib is desperately searching for answers in her mother’s former home, the abandoned Empties, an earthquake engineered by the AI drives her and her friends underground, forcing them to decide their course of action once and for all: keep hiding forever or face the AI head on.

Can a glitch ever overcome her programming?Escaping the AI’s clutches came with a heavy price, but Lib is about the find out the worst is yet to come. Lib’s connection with wolf feels unbreakable, but her plan will force him to sacrifice everything he’s ever known. She hatches a plan to turn the system against itself, but it means asking Wolf and the Rogues to do the one thing they never would.

The Norm The Glitches Series Book 3 - . As the group takes shelter in a secret underground facility, Lib unwittingly discovers the birthplace of the AI. If she fails to overcome her programming and defeat the AI, it means the friends she’s come to see as family will never survive.

The Glitch The Glitches Series Book 1

- To celebrate the glitch's anniversary this edition includes re-edited text with some illustrations"so good!! i love the plot and character structure!! AWESOME!!! It deserves a place in the same shelf as the Hunger Games and Divergent series!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Can't wait for the Empties!!" - Katherine Atkins "A must read for people looking for a creative Sci-Fi plot and interesting characters.

Waiting impatiently for the next book!" - Uma Books, Bags and Burgers. On the brink of extinction, being human means more than just surviving. In lib’s world, it’s dangerous to deviate from the norm. And change the Norm for the better. Now, lib will have to decide which path to choose—whether to go with striking loner Raj or stay with Wolf and his tight-knit group.

The Glitch The Glitches Series Book 1 - Before it’s too late? . Wolf only cares about the survival of his group, but Raj thinks they can hack the A. I. Now she’s thrown out, raj, lib will be forced to team up with another Glitch, and the mysterious Rogue Wolf and his clan to survive. Will she be able to save her newfound family and stop the A.

I. Lib learns this the hard way when she wakes up in a barren wasteland, with her memories erased, and only one thought lodged in her mind: “It’s all my fault.

Modified: Book One in the Manipulated Series

Torment Publishing - The theft of this technology triggers a manhunt, forcing them to flee to the most dangerous place they could possibly go… aboveground. Can she save a world broken in two?Fans of The Maze Runner, and Influence will devour this fast-paced, Configured, innovative sci-fi adventure. The underground is nothing more than an existence of sweat and monotony in service to the Enhanced Human Coalition—the genetically-modified who control the underground from the world above.

As the land, water, and even the air grew toxic, the underprivileged were doomed to a life of hard labor underground, while the Enhanced Human Coalition on the surface enjoy their spoils. But now, intelligence, giving them the abilities of those up top—varied levels of increased strength, Fin and her friends discover a stolen piece of EHC tech that modifies genetics, and adaptation to the surface's harsh conditions.

Modified: Book One in the Manipulated Series - Every dweller underground understands that you serve the EHC up top, or you don't eat. Two hundred years after the planet's magnetic poles began to flip, Earth's surface has become irradiated and unsustainable. What if the sky was deadly?Fin has never stepped foot on the surface of the Earth. Working the mines, deep below, has been the only life she's ever known.

Surfaced: Book Two in the Manipulated Series

Torment Publishing - Hunted. The truth can only free you if you fight for it. Stronger. Smarter. Fin and her friends continue their perilous journey from oppression to something much bigger than they've ever known. Can humanity survive what's next? .

Ascended: Book Three in the Manipulated Series

Torment Publishing - Devastation. She's lost so much, but nothing can break her determination for justice. Can the heart of one person end the oppressive rule that controls the world? Betrayal. Rebirth. Fin is thrust into a reality that is beyond her control.

Scorched: Book Four in the Manipulated Series

Torment Publishing - Love. Upheaval. Continue fin's incredible journey on a constantly changing planet filled with unpredictable danger. Will her determination be enough to save humanity? Consequences.

Dauntless Lawless Saga Book 4

Blue Sky Studio, LLC - His grief is making him bitter and distant, and Lark fears the chasm growing between them. And she has something they want desperately. When the gang’s helicopter crash-lands in the Rio Grande, all their troubles come to a head. She and her friends hold the key to ending the famine — a secret GreenSeed kept hidden from the world.

Homeland security is closing in, and they will stop at nothing to bring Lark into custody. Don’t miss the electrifying conclusion to the Lawless Saga!Lark is on the run again, pursued by the same agents who betrayed her. She has blood on her hands. Soren is haunted by his discovery at Cheyenne Mountain. She broke the rules.

Dauntless Lawless Saga Book 4 - But as their situation grows more precarious, Lark realizes she must choose: Turn her back on an unkind world, or expose herself to her enemies and risk a lifetime behind bars.