Rum: A Global History Edible

Fast-paced and well written, Rum will delight any fan of mojitos and mai tais. Reaktion Books. But enjoyment of rum spread far beyond the scallywags of the Caribbean—Charles Dickens savored it in punch, Thomas Jefferson mixed it into omelets, Queen Victoria sipped it in navy grog, and the Kamehameha Kings of Hawaii drank it straight up.

In rum, richard foss tells the colorful, secret history of a spirit that not only helped spark the American Revolution but was even used as currency in Australia. This book chronicles the five-hundred-year evolution of rum from a raw spirit concocted for slaves to a beverage savored by connoisseurs. Charting the drink’s history, foss shows how rum left its mark on religious rituals—it remains a sacramental offering among voodoo worshippers—and became part of popular songs and other cultural landmarks.

He also includes recipes for sweet and savory rum dishes and obscure drinks, as well as illustrations of rum memorabilia from its earliest days to the tiki craze of the 1950s. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!” a favorite of pirates, the molasses-colored liquid brings to mind clear blue seas, weather-beaten sailors, and port cities filled with bar wenches.


Rum: The Manual

So there's no surprise that the premium rum market is growing at an astonishing rate - from 23 percent per annum in the US to 74 percent per annum in France, for example. About the best rum for a classic daiquiri. About rum cocktails that ooze style and personality. The range of rums available has widened dramatically, with tiki bars in every major city globally.

. It will help you to understand your rum - how it's produced whether from molasses, sweet, cane syrup or cane juice and whether it's dry, fresh or oaky. The category has been reborn in recent years with developments such as the rise of premium aged rums and spiced rums. Finally, a selection of classic and contemporary cocktails shows just how wonderfully versatile this spirit is.

This is a book about how to drink rum of all kinds. It's about rum enjoyed with cola and ginger beer. More than 100 different rums are featured and analysed, from rich, sweet mellow Guyana rums to the vegetal peppery rums of Martinique or Guadeloupe and contemporary spiced rums. Add in cachaça - brazil's native cane spirit - and you have a hugely popular distillate.

Above all, it's about enjoying your rum in all kinds of ways. The days of rum being seen as a minor spirit are over. Mitchell Beazley.

Rum Curious: The Indispensable Tasting Guide to the World's Spirit

Mitchell Beazley. In rum curious, describing its many styles; explaining the great variety of fermenting, author Fred Minnick first takes you on a whirlwind tour of the world of rum, distilling and maturing processes; and highlighting distillers and distilleries. It is consumed neat as a sipping drink, like the mai tai, and in a dizzying variety of cocktails, on the rocks, mojito, and pina colada.

. Voyageur. Once the drink of sailors and swashbuckling pirates, rum is the most versatile--and the most varied--spirit in the world. Best spirits book of 2017,  atlanta journal-constitution One of the Best Drinks Books, Summer of 2017,  Punch. Comrum curious takes the you on a tour of the world of rum by teaching you how to taste and appreciate all of its glorious variety.

Rum curious is the one book the reader will need to understand and appreciate rum in all its glorious variety. The book's final section is a highly curated collection of recipes for classic and innovative rum cocktails from around the world. Minnick explains the finer point of how to properly taste rum -- how to reveal the experience offered by brands ranging from the familiar to the unusual and obscure.


Gin: A Global History Edible

Eventually replaced by the sweetened Old Tom style and later by London Dry gin, its popularity spread along with the British Empire. These evocative nicknames for gin hint that it has a far livelier history than the simple and classic martini would lead you to believe. Voyageur. Reaktion Books. Mitchell Beazley.

She then follows the drink to britain, where cheap imitations laced with turpentine and other caustic fillers made it the drink of choice for poor eighteenth-century Londoners. Mother’s milk, mother’s Ruin, and Ladies’ Delight. In this book, lesley jacobs solmonson journeys into gin’s past, revealing that this spirit has played the role of both hero and villain throughout history.

Taking us back to gin’s origins as a medicine derived from the aromatic juniper berry, Solmonson describes how the Dutch recognized the berry’s alcoholic possibilities and distilled it into the whiskey-like genever. As people today once again embrace classic cocktails like the gimlet and the negroni, gin has reclaimed its place in the world of mixology.

Dutch courage and Cuckold’s Comfort. Featuring many enticing recipes, Gin is the perfect gift for cocktail aficionados and anyone who wants to know whether it should be shaken or stirred.

And a Bottle of Rum, Revised and Updated: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails

Here are sugar barons and their armies conquering the caribbean, Paul Revere stopping for a nip during his famous ride, " Hemingway fattening his liver with Havana daiquiris, Prohibitionists marching against "demon rum, and today's bartenders reviving old favorites like Planter's Punch. Complete with cocktail recipes for would-be epicurean time-travelers, this is history at its most intoxicating.

Reaktion Books. Mitchell Beazley. Now revised, updated, and a bottle of rum tells the raucously entertaining story of this most american of liquorsFrom the grog sailors drank on the high seas in the 1700s to the mojitos of Havana bar hoppers, spirits and cocktail columnist Wayne Curtis offers a history of rum and the Americas alike, and with new recipes, revealing that the homely spirit once distilled from the industrial waste of the booming sugar trade has managed to infiltrate every stratum of New World society.

Curtis takes us from the taverns of the american colonies, where rum delivered both a cheap wallop and cash for the Revolution; to the plundering pirate ships off the coast of Central America; to the watering holes of pre-Castro Cuba; and to the kitsch-laden tiki bars of 1950s America. In an age of microbrewed beer and single-malt whiskeys, rum--once the swill of the common man--has found its way into the tasting rooms of the most discriminating drinkers.


Caribbean Rum: A Social and Economic History

Caribbean rum presents the fascinating cultural, economic, and ethnographic history of rum in the Caribbean from the colonial period to the present. Drawing on data from historical archaeology and the economic history of the Caribbean, Frederick Smith explains why this industry arose in the islands, how attitudes toward alcohol consumption have impacted the people of the region, and how rum production evolved over 400 years from a small colonial activity to a multi-billion-dollar industry controlled by multinational corporations.

. Used book in Good Condition. Maingot, florida international UniversityChristopher Columbus brought sugarcane to the New World on his second voyage. By 1520 commercial sugar production was underway in the Caribbean, along with the perfection of methods to ferment and distill alcohol from sugarcane to produce a new beverage that would have dramatic impact on the region.

It shows how levels of drinking and drunken deportment reflected underlying social tensions, which were driven by the coercive exploitation of labor and set within a highly contentious hierarchy based on class, race, and ethnic identity, and how these tensions were magnified by epidemic disease, gender, poor living conditions, natural disasters, religion, international conflicts, and unstable food supplies.

. He investigates the economic impact of Caribbean rum on many scales, its role in bolstering colonial and postcolonial economies, including rum's contribution to sugarcane plantation revenues, and its impact on Atlantic trade. Mitchell Beazley.

Smuggler's Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and the Cult of Tiki

Make yourself a mai tai, put your favorite exotica record on the hi-fi, and prepare to lose yourself in the fantastical world of tiki, one of the most alluring—and often misunderstood—movements in American cultural history. Martin and rebecca cate, and re-invented; hollywood starlets and scandals; and tiki’s modern-day revival, founders and owners of Smuggler’s Cove the most acclaimed tiki bar of the modern era take you on a colorful journey into the lore and legend of tiki: its birth as an escapist fantasy for Depression-era Americans; how exotic cocktails were invented, stolen, in this James Beard Award-winning cocktail book.

Voyageur. Featuring more than 100 delicious recipes original and historic, plus a groundbreaking new approach to understanding rum, Smuggler’s Cove is the magnum opus of the contemporary tiki renaissance. Whether you’re looking for a new favorite cocktail, or inspiration for your next tiki party, tips on how to trick out your home tiki grotto, help stocking your bar with great rums, Smuggler’s Cove has everything you need to transform your world into a Polynesian Pop fantasia.

Ten speed Pr. Used book in Good Condition. Reaktion Books. Mitchell Beazley.

Vodka: A Global History Edible

Mitchell Beazley. Vodka is the most versatile of spirits. Illustrated with photographs, and graphic art, paintings, Vodka will catch the eye of any reader intrigued by how “potato juice” became an international industry. Vodka manufacturers even infuse it with flavors ranging from lemon and strawberry to chocolate, bubble gum, and bacon.

She reveals how it continued to flourish despite hurdles like American Prohibition and being banned in Russia on the eve of World War I. Created by distilling fermented grains, or other vegetables, potatoes, this colorless, beets, and odorless liquor has been enjoyed by both the rich and the poor throughout its existence, tasteless, but it has also endured many obstacles along its way to global popularity.

In this book, patricia herlihy takes us for a ride through vodka’s history, from its mysterious origins in a Slavic country in the fourteenth century to its current transatlantic reign over Europe and North America. Ten speed Pr. Voyageur. Used book in Good Condition. Reaktion Books. While people in eastern europe and the baltic often drink it neat, screwdrivers, others use it in cocktails and mixed drinks—bloody marys, white russians, swallowing it in one gulp, and Jell-O shots—or mix it with tonic water or ginger beer to create a refreshing drink.

On its way to global domination, especially in Russia, vodka became ingrained in Eastern European culture, where standards in vodka production were first set.

Short Course in Rum: A Guide to Tasting and Talking about Rum

We’ve been successful with books on gluten-free cooking, paleo, raw foods, vegetarian and vegan cooking, and more. When he started some serious tasting, what he discovered made him abandon the purist approach and embrace the wild and wonderful world of rum. He discovered that rum has taken many forms throughout its history—Rumbullion alias Kill-Devill, Demon Rum, and more.

From swashbuckling pirates and Caribbean sugar plantations to rum punch and trendy tiki bars, rum is one of our best loved and most historic liquors. The short course in rum began, naturally, wood-aged rum: the type of liquor that's served in snifters and consumed slowly, as a look at noble, complex, fragrant, even reverently.

Mitchell Beazley. Ten speed Pr. He learned about the american Revolution, prohibitionists, the sugar trade, abolitionists, the anti-saloon League, lush desserts, and alchemists. Reaktion Books. He was hoping to gather the rum snobs of the world to talk about esoteric little bottlings. Used book in Good Condition.

Voyageur. He was a purist and he wanted to meet other purists and convert the uninitiated. He tasted great rum from craft distillers and incredible inventions from bartenders.

Whiskey: A Global History Edible

Reaktion Books. Focusing on three nations—scotland, Ireland, and America—Kosarcharts how the technique of distillation moved from ancient Egypt to the British Isles. Contrary to popular claims, there were no good old days of whiskey: before the twentieth century, consumers could never be sure just what was being poured in their cup—unscrupulous profiteers could distill anything into booze and pawn it off as whiskey.

. Reaktion Books. In whiskey, Kevin R. Be it bourbon, corn, rye, or scotch, herb-infused concoction to a high-quality, whiskey has an infamous and celebrated history from a sometimes lethal, Irish, meticulously crafted liquor. Mitchell Beazley. Used book in Good Condition. A manhattan or a sazerac; neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of soda—no matter how it’s served up, whiskey is synonymous with the poet’s inspiration and the devil’s spirit.

Ten speed Pr. Voyageur. Kosardelivers an informative, concise narrative of the drink’s history, from its obscure medieval origins to the globally traded product that it is today. Eventually, government and industry established legal definitions of what whiskey is and how it could be made, allowing for the distinctive styles of whiskey known today.

Whiskey explains what whiskey is, how it is made, and how the types of whiskey differ.

The Distiller's Guide to Rum

Used book in Good Condition. Ten speed Pr. Reaktion Books. Voyageur. Reaktion Books. And, a step-by-step description on how to make a 155-gallon batch of rum mash and how to distill and age it-including a recipe. This book is inspired by the recent popularity of rum among cocktail circles, and by the advent of so many new rum craft distilleries in North America.

Mitchell Beazley. Included is: the story of rum and how it is made, and processes used to make rum; the lubricious effects of barrel aging, the ingredients, equipment, and the various ways that it is done.