Protecting the Billionaire

#ad - Damon:i’ve never been with a guy, but Jamie’s got my brain and heart twisted up in knots. The problem? I don’t do romance. He lives with me, eats with me, and sleeps so deliciously close to me. The problem? i’m sure he’s straight. The only drawback: rich people piss me off. He’s kind – noble, even.

. Will it slow me down? No. My security team insists I need a bodyguard. If i get distracted, even for an instant, I could lose everything. If only he weren’t so distracting…JAMIE:Did someone try to kidnap me? Yes. I won’t stay sheltered. It intrigues me. A tower of ripped muscles. There’s no way I can turn it down.

Protecting the Billionaire #ad - Readers can expect several steamy scenes that will leave you breathless. And i definitely don’t need some gruff bodyguard to babysit me. But he’s hotter than hades. I’m divorced, living in a cramped apartment in the Bronx, and scraping by as a private eye after desk politics threw my detective career under the bus.

But when an old friend sends me a job offer with a salary that makes my jaw drop, how can I say no? All I have to do is play bodyguard for some spoiled billionaire.


Pretty Femme Fox Book 1

#ad - My father’s a powerful man, and he’s got a match lined up for me—a female one, at that. If i choose taylor, i’ll be putting my inheritance and my family’s business on the line. If i have to keep taylor a secret, I can’t keep him at all. This is the first book in the Femme Fox series. Still, we’ve got a problem—he’s supposed to marry a woman.

Coming out to him isn’t something I had in the cards. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. There’s no ring on his finger, but if he doesn’t follow his father’s orders, it’ll cost him one hell of an inheritance. If cole decides to keep our time together hidden, we won’t be hearing any wedding bells.

Pretty Femme Fox Book 1 #ad - I can’t bring him out of the closet, but I won’t meet him in it, either. Cole:it’s all or nothing for Taylor. I spent my whole life thinking I was straight—until I set eyes on my cousin’s wedding planner. Taylor’s as gorgeous as he is male, and even though seeing a man this way is new for me, when we wind up in bed together he feels right.

He’s too important to keep secret. But i don’t know what’ll happen if word gets out about us. Taylor:i won’t be another straight man’s secret.



#ad - He’s hotter than hades, and damn if I’m not eager to play with fire. I’m living in a dream until my twin Caleb appears. My brother wants to wedge himself between us—in more ways than one. But i won’t let him steal Anderson from me. But traveling for work has its perks, and Eric’s the most tempting eligible man I’ve met in ages.

And from the looks of it, one of them might even want the best of both worlds. Caleb wants to double up, but I’ve got one too many brothers on my hands. Eric:anderson is a walking red flag I want to wrap myself in. The new guy next door didn’t just steal my breath away—he’s claimed my fantasies, too.

Identical #ad - The problem? His identical brother has eyes for me too. While eric’s pulling me into his bed, his brother wants to push between us. I never thought a man could hold me down, but with the twins around, I’ve got two who want to do just that—in different ways. My brother’s the taker, but I’m the tempter.

Note to readers: This is a standalone MM romance. Anderson:all's fair in love, war, and sibling rivalry. On the road, i didn’t expect to meet twins.


Slimming Down Weightless Book 3

#ad - He’s the hottest man i’ve ever seen, and it’s a shame he thinks anything different of himself. My feelings run hot, and not just when we’re in hot yoga. Soon we’re steaming up the gym, but there’s a problem we can’t avoid: Aaron has a busy life taking care of his grandfather. Our workouts in bed get him results fast, but he needs to rebuild his confidence after dealing with jerks who’ve hurt him.

. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. Daniel:losing weight has never been so pleasurable. I want a change in my life, and not just because I got snubbed by the hot guy at work. I want him to see what i do, and if that means a no-nonsense workout routine, I’m ready to get hands-on. He may be gorgeous, but I can keep things professional, right? We’ll see.

Slimming Down Weightless Book 3 #ad - Daniel soon becomes more than a client. If he can’t find a place for me in his world, I may lose more than just weight. The pounds are slipping away, and so are my inhibitions. Aaron:i know what it’s like to be bullied, and I want to give him more than just protection. When daniel comes to me for training, his story is relatable, but his looks leave me floored.

I’ll show him why he’s worth more than just his weight.


Counting Curves Weightless Book 2

#ad - After a scary break-in, i bring him home, and it doesn’t take long to realize I want to keep him here. He’s sensitive about his weight, but his body is perfect to me. I don’t care about his clingy ex; Sean’s worth fighting for. Thomas and i started as workout partners, but we soon found out we prefer at-home cardio—preferably in bed.

When i get a job offer across the country that could pull us apart, it’s time for a tough choice. But if thomas is teaching me anything, it’s how to make smart decisions in food and in men. He’s the one indulgence I don’t feel guilty about. Thomas:he’s trying to eat less, but he keeps coming for seconds.

Counting Curves Weightless Book 2 #ad - Sean hired me to help shape his body, but he already looks delectable to me. My ideal meal plan involves a balanced serving of him with a side of fogged-up windows and dirty words. Sean:i’m watching my weight, but my nutritionist is watching me. My breakup is behind me, but the stress eating is hard to kick.

I need a nutritionist to get my habits in order, and Thomas knows exactly what my body needs to take the weight off. I’ll show sean i’m committed, and that could mean some serious decisions—in and out of the kitchen. He may be dieting, but I’m hoping he’ll feast on me.



#ad - I want a future with him; we just have to make it through our first night together. If he fought through a war, I can fight through his past. Note to readers: This is a standalone MM romance. The connection between us is too powerful to let go. He’s not trying to be my therapist, either; he’s taking me for the man I am, and that makes me want him even more.

It all feels too good to be true. But my ptsd and night terrors make it difficult to have a love life. I invite him to my place, but I’m stunned when he’s gone the next morning. He thinks his past makes him hard to love, but I’m not afraid of his demons—or his touch. With any other guy I’d just move on—but not Campbell.

Beast #ad - He gets my pulse up, and he’s twice as passionate as anyone I’ve ever met. Who wants a boyfriend they can’t share a bed with? If I can’t even stay one night, I’ll never get what I most want: Brent’s body against mine, every night. I don’t know if i can keep Brent safe and keep him close at the same time.

Brent:i’m falling for him, but I know he’s keeping a secret. Campbell and I don’t just connect, we collide. Campbell:love and secrets don’t mix, but I’m already in too deep.


Because of You

#ad - Does not end with a "cliffhanger. Themes include: strangers to friends, First love, Drama, military, Suspense, friends to lovers, MIAMissing in action, Mental Illnes. As the years go by, friendships strengthen and feelings grow. However, a betrayal sends Zack into the arms of the military. Novel, approximately 36, 000 words in length.

After the adoption and a year spent gaining the small boy’s trust, the family moved to a cul-de-sac where Thomas Oliver Miller strives to befriend the new boy, Zackary Mason. Tension rises when communication with Zack is lost, but when love has a chance to grow, good things blossom. Hea happy ever after ending.

Because of You #ad - Please note: this book contains adult language and steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only. Zackary mason was adopted at the age of six by a couple who couldn’t have children of their own. They were aware that Zack had an anxiety disorder but from what they didn’t know.


Chasing Heat

#ad - I don’t have time for a hot fling, and I definitely don’t have time to question my attraction to another man. Still, i can’t stop thinking about him. Lucky for me, it meant I got to meet Jackson. But where there’s smoke, there’s sometimes fire. She’s friendly, but the spark just isn’t there. She's not my type.

His lips on mine, our bodies pressed together… That’s what I want from Chase. It doesn’t help that my boss at the firehouse seems to think I’m perfect for his daughter. Readers can expect two red-hot men and several steamy scenes that will leave you gasping. I know how he can thank me alright. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s not into guys.

Chasing Heat #ad - Chase is. This is the first time i don’t want to put out the fire…I want to let the flames grow. Note to readers: This is an extra spicy MM romance. Because i'm sure Jackson is straight. I mean, I'm pretty sure. As far as rugged firemen go, this one is a mystery. Not because I don't like firefighters as if.


Weighing Love Weightless Book 1

#ad - We’re worlds and tax brackets apart, but I’m getting in shape to meet him halfway. He’s a boss of a trainer, and I’m already aching all over. Max:this fitness plan is going to be steamy, but I’m not taking us to the sauna. Josh isn’t just a juice barista who’s as sweet as his smoothies—he’s a sensitive soul with a work ethic to match.

I’m putting together a plan to give Josh a workout in and out of the gym. Training is easy, but falling for Josh isn’t. I’ve got deep pockets and want to make life easier for him, but Josh is fiercely independent. He looks good to me, but he says he wants to trim down and tone up. If he insists on baring that weight alone, I’ll help him get in shape to carry it.

Weighing Love Weightless Book 1 #ad - With me behind Josh, our workout sessions are going long after hours. This is the first book in the Weightless series. Josh:my new diet forbids two things: delicious food and a night with my boss. With a busy job, i don’t have much time for working out, and it’s starting to show, but my wealthy boss Max has me sweating.

It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. Readers can expect a spicy MM romance with several steamy scenes. Burning calories in bed is fun, but real life is a different beast.


The Boyfriend Contract

#ad - If his acting is as good as his bartending, he’s perfect fake boyfriend material. That’s all this is: an arrangement we’ll both benefit from. Tall, and passionate, the man is sex on legs, chiseled, and he offers me more than bar work. Ethan wants me to pretend to be his boyfriend to impress investors.

. Brett:it’s normal for your new boss to ask you to be his fake boyfriend at the interview, right?When I arrive at the run-down vineyard for a bartending job, I’m not expecting a man like Ethan Carrington to answer the door. I can pretend to be his boyfriend, no problem. They want proof that I’m good with long-term commitments.

The Boyfriend Contract #ad - A stable boyfriend would do the trick. All my dreams come true when Brett shows up. I’m reluctant, but i need the money, and there are many perks to working with the drop-dead gorgeous man in charge. The job is fun, the benefits are excellent, and Ethan is charming and intriguing. He's good with his hands, but I have my eye on more than just his cocktails.

I used to be all about living fast and spending money, but those days came to a screeching halt when my wealthy father gave me an ultimatum: prove my skills by flipping an old vineyard and turning a profit, or he’ll cut me off. The vineyard needs renovations from the ground up, but investors aren’t willing to part with their money.

Sexy and irresistible, he’s more than capable behind a bar, but I have something crazier in mind.


The Millionaire's Nanny Fairview Single Dads Book 3

#ad - Hunter says he’s serious, but I paint from the heart, and I’ve got to protect it. He might not be a painter, but he’s teaching me the strokes. Hunter:it isn’t my nanny’s art that’s catching my eye. My son is everything to me, so I need the right person to be his nanny. The problem? i’m the ceo of my own company, and I don’t have time for love.

But this artist is changing my perspective. He has connections in the art world, but I can’t let him spoil me—I want my art to stand on its own merit. But hunter is walking inspiration, and I can’t tear my eyes away. Soon he wants to share a little artistic insight in the bedroom, and I’m the one on display for him.

The Millionaire's Nanny Fairview Single Dads Book 3 #ad - Oliver is almost too good to be true. He’s charming, my son loves him—and I might have a tiny crush on him. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. I’m slowing down and noticing the beauty around me—including Oliver. Oliver:my art is on point, but my boss’s eyes are on me. Nannying for a millionaire isn’t something I thought I’d add to my resume, but I’d be crazy to turn down Hunter’s offer.

My support isn’t charity, but he won’t see it that way.