Novak Grizzly Daughters of Beasts Book 1

Wicked Willow Press #ad - No one could’ve got him living again, but maybe…just maybe…the Novak Grizzly can save him. Content warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. A life change comes in many forms, it comes as a newspaper clipping, but for Remi, sent by her best friend. He’s lost too much to recover, but one look at the fiery-eyed beauty, and this lion shifter lumberjack aching to change his destiny.

Remington novak is stuck in a city, her whole life altered for a man who didn’t keep her. Must be okay with crass jokes? She was raised a Grey Back in one of the roughest Crews in existence. She could surely handle a few rowdy boys. Something’s wrong with that lion shifter, and the more she tries to figure him out, the deeper she falls into a dangerous admiration for him and these mountains he’s claiming as home.

Novak Grizzly Daughters of Beasts Book 1 #ad - Kamp is out of options. Wake up, fight the Alpha, sleep, fail at his job, repeat. Must like animals? She was a grizzly shifter. A last chance crew up in the mountains is looking for help, and her skillset matches the requirements. Intended for mature audiences. The daughter of Beaston is hurting.


Beck Bear Daughters of Beasts Book 2

Wicked Willow Press #ad - Juno beck is trying to step out from the long shadow of her father and make her place in the music industry. And that singer she’s crushed on for all these years, is about to show her how it really is to live. Rhett copeland threw away his destiny. But everything she thought she knew about Rhett Copeland from interviews is wrong, and he’s hiding a mountain of secrets.

His accounts are frozen, his fans are on the hunt for him, his muse is crippled, and his new Rogue Pride Crew gets on his nerves at every turn. Joyce’s second installment of the Daughters of Beasts series. Content warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Lions and mole rats and bears, oh my! Two worlds collide in T.

Beck Bear Daughters of Beasts Book 2 #ad - All he wants to do is stay hidden, and pester his new Crew, avoid as much logging work as possible, but Juno Beck is going to expose him and all of his secrets to the public if he isn’t careful. Too bad she’s too interesting for her own good because his songwriting muse only wakes up around her, and now he can’t leave the mesmerizing stranger alone.

But the more he lets juno in, the more she threatens the life he’s carved out here in the wilderness of Rogue Pride territory. He has nothing but time, and she barely has any days left. And as she struggles with the decision to do what’s right or what’s necessary, she begins discovering who she really is, and what she really stands for.


Ash Bear Daughters of Beasts Book 3

Wicked Willow Press #ad - Controlling one animal is hard enough for shifters, but Grim is the only one in existence with two animals—a good lion and a monstrous lion named the Reaper. Grim is the reluctant alpha of the Rogue Pride Crew, and just trying to get from one day to the next without maiming his Crew. That is until he runs into a shy, blue-haired, curvy stunner named Ashlynn Kane.

She’s submissive, and they shouldn’t be a good match, but she’s not scared of him, and he’s about as dominant as they come, and here’s why. He’s grim during the day and the Reaper at night, and life can’t get much more complicated. Her best friends have joined a new Rogue Pride Crew, and no one calls anymore.

Ash Bear Daughters of Beasts Book 3 #ad - . His life has been turned upside down after he fled his old Pride, and landed in a trailer park of lumberjacks in the heart of dragon territory. And the more he believes, the more turmoil finds him and his new Crew. Ash kane is a simple girl who got left behind. She’s falling hard for him, but grim is being hunted and haunted by a ghost from his past that could annihilate them both and ignite a war in Damon’s Mountains.

Good lion, good lion, bad lion, bad lion. Half of grim is salvageable, but always beware of the Reaper. Content warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets.


Grim Christmas Daughters of Beasts Book 4

Wicked Willow Press #ad - Ash won’t stop until Grim believes in Christmas again. Don’t miss this short story in T. With a can-do attitude and some mishaps along the way, she is going to do her best to make the man she loves feel special. He’s vowed to be a better alpha for the rogue Pride Crew, but he’s at war with the two lions inside of him, and at war with a certain Red Dragon as well.

All he wants to do is coast straight through the holiday, but his new Crew is messing with his head. Joyce’s bestselling daughters of Beasts series**Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Even if it means going against her Alpha’s wishes. Naked mole rats, talking pebbles, and baby donkeys, oh my.

Grim Christmas Daughters of Beasts Book 4 #ad - He wants to hate them, but little by little, they are chipping away at his heart. Especially his new mate, Ash, who is so sweet about making it the perfect day. Ashlynn kane is bound and determined to make Grim’s first Christmas outside of the Tarian Pride the happiest day of his life. The only problem is, her new lion shifter mate is a bit of a scrooge.

. Intended for mature audiences. He was raised to be a weapon and had never celebrated like everyone else.


New Vyr Daughters of Beasts Book 5

Wicked Willow Press #ad - It was always the Red Dragon inside of him. It was never the other dragons the world had to worry about. Vyr daye is learning that not every happily ever after works in a straight line. She has a feeling she knows what’s going on, but she’s going to have to shake everything up to get the dragon’s attention.

. Even if it means fighting fire with fire. Sometimes a man doesn’t get the happily ever after he wants. Sometimes he gets the one he needs. Lions and dragons and bears, oh my! Don’t miss this short story from the bestselling Daughters of Beasts and the Sons of Beasts series. Content warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets.

New Vyr Daughters of Beasts Book 5 #ad - He was supposed to be okay after he escaped shifter prison and found his mate, his dragon has felt broken, but for the past six months, and has an undeniable instinct to burn and claim the entire world. Four mountain ranges in six months and he’s losing all control, and his mate Riyah, and dragging his Sons of Beasts Crew, straight to hell.

. Intended for mature audiences. But where she leaned on her Crew, Vyr distanced himself from everything he loved. And now he must find a way to save the world from himself.


Son of Kong Sons of Beasts Book 2

Wicked Willow Press #ad - He is the type of man who is the perfect combination of sweet and deadly that could finally make her feel safe in her life. Too bad he’s going crazy, and his crew could go down in flames at any second. Candace wanted an adventure, but she didn’t bargain for love, betrayal, and a group of the worst-best friends a shifter like her could ask for.

Content warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. When a rare beauty shows up at his door and offers to keep his animal steady for two hundred bucks a week, well, he’s mighty tempted to pay to prolong his life. And maybe a friend or two wouldn’t hurt either. She’s a good girl gone bad, and he wants to corrupt her even further.

Son of Kong Sons of Beasts Book 2 #ad - The birthmark on his back says he is supposed to be the new Kong, but he wants nothing to do with his people. And now torren is torn on one important decision: be selfish and live longer, or shorten Candace’s life with the danger building around the Sons of Beasts. Candace Sumner needs a change. But something’s brewing against his crew, and drawing her in closer will put her at risk.

Especially if it means spending time with Candace, who seems to have a knack for calming dominant men. Torren Taylor has a gorilla problem. Intended for mature audiences.


Son of the Cursed Bear Sons of Beasts Book 1

Wicked Willow Press #ad - One chance meeting with a feral grizzly shifter from Damon’s Mountains puts not only her at risk, but her people too. Joyce’s brand new standalone series, Sons of Beasts****Bounty Hunter, Nox Fuller, has been challenged to do the impossible. S. He’s different too. It’s not just his safety at risk as he hunts Vyr though.

His focus should be on the hunt, but when he meets a shy shifter named Nevada, he can’t help but be distracted by the curvy beauty. He doesn’t care that she has trouble speaking to people. He’s supposed to bring the red Dragon in for a year long stint in shifter prison, but this job could be the death of him.

Son of the Cursed Bear Sons of Beasts Book 1 #ad - But as he finds out exactly what kind of shifter he’s falling for, he realizes he’s in way over his head. But he’s got secrets too, and when she finds out he’s in her hometown hunting the most dangerous creature on earth, she has to make a choice. The closer he gets to the dragon, the more danger he and Nevada are both in.

Nevada foxburg has a life full of secrets. Don’t miss the exciting first book in T. Too bad he’s the least careful bear shifter in existence. He makes life fun, and keeps her on her toes.


Son of the Dragon Sons of Beasts Book 3

Wicked Willow Press #ad - Vyr daye is the red dragon, loner, alpha to the Sons of Beasts Crew, watcher, fire-breather…and he’s also completely misunderstood. Riyah isn’t what she seems, but no one can sense her powers besides Vyr. All he needs to do is keep steady for six more months and then he can live his life as quietly as possible with his crew, but one sexy, fast-talking prison counselor saunters in and wrecks his focus.

He doesn’t trust her, but he doesn’t realize she is his only friend here. There are eyes everywhere in the prison and they are creating something monstrous down in the cell where they keep the Red Dragon. And as the dragon inside of him starts losing his battle, he’ll need her help to gather his crew and pull him from the brink before it’s too late.

Son of the Dragon Sons of Beasts Book 3 #ad - And the more he gets to know the beguiling woman, the more he thinks she’s here for more important reasons than even he understands. Riyah mercer has been hired to infiltrate the shifter prison and watch Vyr’s back. But saving the dragon means unleashing his fire on the world, and that’s not the only danger Riyah is in.

Intended for mature audiences. He’ll keep her secrets if she keeps his. The media has dragged him through the mud, his reputation is shot, and his own father helped to put him in prison for a one-year sentence. Only this prison isn’t what it seems and he’s fighting to keep his dragon alive.


Tarian Alpha New Tarian Pride Book 1

Wicked Willow Press #ad - He’s put her between a rock and a hard place and turned her entire life upside down. She’s accepted her fate on the throne of the Old Tarians until she stumbles upon a man on a mission in the woods. When she’s kidnapped by the New Tarian Alpha, one day with Ronin changes her life forever. Back in the pride after years hating it, his job is to push the monsters here to a new future, one where they will stop warring with every shifter Crew in existence.

His life had been laid out before him, but now he wants so much more. How can she go back to living in a cage after he’s set her free? She’s a submissive lioness who doesn’t belong, but Ronin challenges Emerald to be something she’s never been before—fearless. But when he mans a rescue mission and finds a hurt woman in the woods, he had no choice but to save her…or kidnap her.

Tarian Alpha New Tarian Pride Book 1 #ad - The tarian pride is right in the middle of a historical power-shift. And when he learns her story, and recognizes just who, and what, she is, his entire future as Alpha of the New Tarians takes a new direction. Intended for mature audiences. Ronin alder is taking over as the New Tarian Alpha, but the entire Pride of lion shifters needs to be completely rehabilitated.

And as a new uprising begins, she will find herself at the helm of a destiny that could change the entire future of the Tarian Pride. Content warning: explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets.


Tarian Outcast New Tarian Pride Book 3

Wicked Willow Press #ad - But when an unlikely hero comes to her rescue, she’s sent on a path she never saw coming. She has no idea how much danger she’s in, and it’s entirely his fault. And too bad he’s not the only one hunting her. Or is she?content warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets.

That’s not good for her. Humans are too breakable around these violent big cat shifters. The old katy would’ve run from the danger that immerses his life, but the new Katy is up for a little adventure. Human katy has Kannon Killian’s full attention. All she needs is a week with her best friend in the mountains of Colorado for a week.

Three lion shifters have interest in Human Katy, and for all drastically different reasons. Katy craigson is on the run. Kannon’s lion is on the hunt though, and pushing him to do unspeakable things to keep the pretty girl who can make him laugh on a dime. The tarians have a strict law against humans near the Pride.

Tarian Outcast New Tarian Pride Book 3 #ad - For some reason she can’t stop thinking about Kannon, the sexy, quick-witted lion shifter. He’s explained that humans have no place around the Tarian Pride, but her heart isn’t listening. Not from anything too scary, because she is a safe girl and doesn’t do danger, but she’s running from a past that keeps trying to drag her under.


Red Havoc Bad Bear Red Havoc Panthers Book 5

Wicked Willow Press #ad - Jathan barns has six days to save Crazy Lynn. S. Intended for mature audiences. He would fight every shifter on earth to keep her safe, but he can’t save a half-crazed panther shifter who doesn’t want to save herself. But the more time he spends with her, the more he learns things aren’t always what they seem.

The plan is simple: manipulate Lynn into being the tough girl he knows she is, without losing his heart in the process. He’s watching her every move, angering the panther inside of Lynn. She fell apart when she left damon’s Mountains, and now no matter what it costs him, he is determined to keep her alpha from putting her down.

Red Havoc Bad Bear Red Havoc Panthers Book 5 #ad - . All she wants to do is get through the next week with the Gray Back Crew as quietly as possible, but some of the big, dominant males in Damon’s Mountains are pushing her to fight her destiny. Crazy lynn matheson has six days until she’ll join all the other shifters who have lost their minds and been put down by their alphas.

The main culprit? a tatted-up, motorcycle-riding, trouble-making giant of a man named Jathan Barns. Joyce’s bestselling Red Havoc Panthers series**The countdown is on. Don’t miss the epic finale in T. She wants nothing to do with love, but Jathan is stirring up emotions she never thought she would feel again, and now he’s making her question everything—her destiny included.

The countdown is on.