Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service

Ecco - Anyone who is fascinated by the world of international espionage, intelligence, and covert "Black-Ops" warfare will find Mossad electrifying reading. These are real mission: impossible true stories brimming with high-octane action—from the breathtaking capture of Nazi executioner Adolph Eichmann to the recent elimination of key Iranian nuclear scientists.

In mossad, eye-opening, authors michael bar-zohar and Nissim Mishal take us behind the closed curtain with riveting, boots-on-the-ground accounts of the most dangerous, most crucial missions in the agency's 60-year history. This book tells what should have been known and isn't—that Israel's hidden force is as formidable as its recognized physical strength.

Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service - Israeli president shimon peres for decades, the Mossad, Israel's renowned security arm, has been widely recognized as the best intelligence service in the world.

Where the Birds Never Sing: The True Story of the 92nd Signal Battalion and the Liberation of Dachau

Harper - Yet nothing could have prepared him and his unit for the horrors behind the walls of Germany's infamous Dachau concentration camp. After more than a year of fighting, but still only twenty years old, Joe had become a hardened veteran. They were among the first 250 american troops into the camp, and it was there that they finally grasped the significance of the Allied mission.

. Surrounded by death and destruction, the men not only found the courage and will to fight, but they also discovered the meaning of friendship and came to understand the value and fragility of life. In this riveting book, at times horrifying, jack sacco tells the realistic, harrowing, and ultimately triumphant tale of an American GI in World War II as seen through the eyes of his father, Joe Sacco -- a farm boy from Alabama who was flung into the chaos of Normandy and survived the terrors of the Bulge.

Where the Birds Never Sing: The True Story of the 92nd Signal Battalion and the Liberation of Dachau - As part of the 92nd signal battalion and patton's famed Third Army, Joe and his buddies found themselves at the forefront of the Allied push through France and Germany.

No Mission Is Impossible: The Death-Defying Missions of the Israeli Special Forces

Ecco - The stories are often of victories, and run side-by-side with the accounts of the lives and accomplishments of some of Israel's most prominent figures, Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon, including Moshe Dayan, the brothers Netanyahu, but sometimes also of immense failures, and Avigdor Kahalani. We follow sharon, from his near death at the battle of latrun in 1948, when he commands a daring raid in Beirut in 1973, dressed in women's clothes, to his crossing Suez in 1973; we are with Ehud Barak, and then when he is elected Prime Minister in 1999.

A riveting follow-up to michael bar-zohar and nissim mishal's account of the most memorable missions of the mossad, nail-biting operations of the Israeli Special forcesMossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service brought to life the gripping, legendary missions of Israeli's national intelligence force like never before, No Mission is Impossible sheds light on some of the most harrowing, capturing the danger of the operations and the bravery of the operatives who risked everything to complete their assignments.

No Mission Is Impossible: The Death-Defying Missions of the Israeli Special Forces - Now, in no mission is impossible, michael bar-zohar and Nissim Mishal return with the intensely absorbing, fast-paced story of thirty of the boldest missions of the Israeli Special Forces. Besides recounting the mesmerizing, and stunning photographs, high-stakes missions, including some of the most prominent players in Israeli politics, No Mission Is Impossible includes an interview in each chapter with a major figure who took part in the mission discussed, many published for the first time.

Captivating and eye-opening, no mission Is Impossible is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding how these crucial missions shaped Israel, and the world at large. Bar-zohar and mishal depict in electrifying detail major battles, raids in enemy territory, and death-defying commando missions while also sharing the personal stories of both soldiers and top commanders, revealing their hopes and fears.

Knights of the Sea: The True Story of the Boxer and the Enterprise and the War of 1812

Dutton Caliber - In knights of the sea, david hanna brings to life a lost era, paying tribute to the young commanders who considered it the highest honor to harness the wind to meet their foes, and would be immortalized by the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. When the cannon smoke cleared, good men had been lost, and the U.

S. Samuel blyth was the youthful commander of His Britannic Majesty's brig Boxer, and William Burrows, younger still, commanded the USS Enterprise. The only major sea battle of the war of 1812 witnessed by landsmen, the fight between the Boxer and the Enterprise came to represent not only a military turning point, but a maritime era that would soon be gone forever.

Knights of the Sea: The True Story of the Boxer and the Enterprise and the War of 1812 - Both men valued honor above all, and on this day their commitment would be put to the ultimate test. On a september day in 1813, maine, as citizens watched from the rocky shore of Pemaquid, two of the last and bravest military sailing commanders engaged in a battle that would change the course of the War of 1812.

. Navy's role in the war had changed. Though it lasted less than an hour, the battle between the Boxer and the Enterprise was a brutal contest whose outcome was uncertain.

Friends of the Family: The Inside Story of the Mafia Cops Case

HarperCollins e-books - As told by tommy dades and michael vecchione—the cop and district attorney investigator who solved new york’s coldest case—along with co-writer David Fisher, Friends of the Family is shocking true crime in the tradition of Nicolas Pileggi’s Wiseguys and Underboss by Peter Mass—a chilling, in-depth examination of what the New York Daily News calls “the worst betrayal of the badge in the NYPD’s history.

”. One of the most spectacular cases of police corruption in the city. New york times friends of the family is a look deep inside the most notorious case to rock the NYPD: The story of Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, the two police detectives who moonlighted as mob hit men.

Reagan at Reykjavik: Forty-Eight Hours That Ended the Cold War

Broadside e-books - Filled with illustrative accounts of the private discussions between Reagan and his team, Ken Adelman provides an honest and up-close portrait of President Reagan at one of his finest and most challenging moments. Reagan at reykjavik includes 16 pages of black-and-white photos and 11 illustrations. The dramatic, first-hand account of the historic 1986 reagan-Gorbachev summit in Iceland—the definitive weekend that was the key turning point in the Cold War—by President Reagan’s arms control director, Ken Adelman.

In october 1986, ronald reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev met for a forty-eight-hour summit in Reykjavik, Iceland. Planned as a short, inconsequential gathering to outline future talks, the meeting quickly turned to major international issues, including the strategic defense initiative and the possibility of eliminating all nuclear weapons—negotiations that laid the groundwork for the most sweeping arms accord in history the following year.

Reagan at Reykjavik: Forty-Eight Hours That Ended the Cold War - Scrupulously researched and based on now-declassified information, Reagan at Reykjavik tells the gripping tale of this weekend that changed the world.

Code Name: Johnny Walker: The Extraordinary Story of the Iraqi Who Risked Everything to Fight with the U.S. Navy SEALs

William Morrow - Over the course of eight years, the Iraqi native traveled around the country with nearly every SEAL and special operations unit deployed there. Helped to the U. S. With inside details on seal operations and a humane understanding of the tragic price paid by ordinary Iraqis, Code Name: Johnny Walker reveals a side of the war that has never been told before.

Unsure of the local neighborhoods and unable to speak the local languages, they came to rely on one man to guide them and watch their backs. Navy seals were called upon to root terrorists from their lairs. He went on thousands of missions, saved dozens of SEAL and other American lives, and risked his own daily.

Code Name: Johnny Walker: The Extraordinary Story of the Iraqi Who Risked Everything to Fight with the U.S. Navy SEALs - In this unforgettable memoir, the navy seals’ most trusted translator—a man who is credited with saving countless American lives and became a legend in the special-ops community—tells his inspiring story for the first time. As the insurgency in Iraq intensified following the American invasion, U. S.

By the seals he protected, Johnny Walker's life is so remarkable that his tale reads like fiction. He was a "terp"—an interpreter—with a job so dangerous they couldn't even use his real name. They named him Johnny Walker. But every word of it is true.

Forty Autumns: A Family's Story of Courage and Survival on Both Sides of the Berlin Wall

William Morrow - A personal look at a tenuous era that divided a city and a nation, resilience, and continues to haunt us, Forty Autumns is an intimate and beautifully written story of courage, and love—of five women whose spirits could not be broken, and who fought to preserve what matters most: family. Uprooted, hanna eventually moved to America, where she settled down with her husband and had children of her own.

Forty autumns is illustrated with dozens of black-and-white and color photographs. She takes us deep into the tumultuous and terrifying world of East Germany under Communist rule, revealing both the cruel reality her relatives endured and her own experiences as an intelligence officer, running secret operations behind the Berlin Wall that put her life at risk.

Forty Autumns: A Family's Story of Courage and Survival on Both Sides of the Berlin Wall - Though only a few miles separated american nina and her German relatives—grandmother Oma, Aunt Heidi, Cordula, and cousin, a member of the East German Olympic training team—a bitter political war kept them apart. In this illuminating and deeply moving memoir, a former american military intelligence officer goes beyond traditional Cold War espionage tales to tell the true story of her family—of five women separated by the Iron Curtain for more than forty years, and their miraculous reunion after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Forty autumns makes visceral the pain and longing of one family forced to live apart in a world divided by two. Growing up near Washington, D. C.

Chasing Heisenberg: The Race for the Atom Bomb Kindle Single

Amazon Publishing - J. That same anxiety drives goudsmit, now a top Allied intelligence officer, to risk his life as he attempts to track down Heisenberg and the site of Hitler's suspected atom bomb program. A brilliant, world-renowned physicist and once a good friend, he's anti-Nazi but also a loyal German. Fear that he's put country first and is building a bomb haunts Oppenheimer and Fermi all through their months and years developing the Allied bomb.

After a devastating run of German victories, Allied troops are beginning to halt Hitler's advance. Robert oppenheimer, enrico fermi, and Samuel Goudsmit have known Hitler's chief atomic scientist, Werner Heisenberg, for years. But far from the battlefields, Allied scientists are struggling. Intelligence reports put them a distant second behind the Germans in a competition that could determine the outcome of the war: the race to build the world's first nuclear weapon.

Chasing Heisenberg: The Race for the Atom Bomb Kindle Single - For the allies' top scientists, the race is deeply personal.

Spymaster: Startling Cold War Revelations of a Soviet KGB Chief

Skyhorse - They are now available to all who are fascinated by vivid tales of international intrigue. Kondrashev also details equally fascinating KGB propaganda and disinformation efforts that shaped Western attitudes throughout the Cold War. Because publication of these memoirs was banned by Putin’s regime, Bagley promised Kondrashev to have them published in the West.

Rising through its ranks through hard work and keen understanding of how the spy and political games are played, recruited Western operatives as double agents, served as a ranking officer at the East Berlin and Vienna KGB bureaus, he “handled” American and British defectors, and tackled special assignments from the Kremlin.

During a 1994 television program about former spymasters, Kondrashev met and began a close friendship with a former foe, ex-CIA officer Tennent H. Tennent bagley’s spymaster is the single most revealing book about espionage to emerge from the Cold War. Edward jay epstein, author of deception: the invisible War Between the KGB and the CIAFrom the dark days of World War II through the Cold War, Sergey A.

Spymaster: Startling Cold War Revelations of a Soviet KGB Chief - Kondrashev was a major player in Russia’s notorious KGB espionage apparatus. Pete” bagley, whom the Russian asked to help write his memoirs. Because bagley knew so much about kondrashev’s career they had been on opposite sides in several operations, of quelling the hungarian Revolution and “Prague Spring” independence movements, his penetrating questions and insights reveal slices of espionage history that rival anything found in the pages of Ian Fleming, of plotting to reveal the Berlin tunnel, or John le Carré: chilling tales of surviving Stalin’s purges while superiors and colleagues did not, Len Deighton, and of assisting in arranging the final disposition of the corpses of Adolf Hitler and Evan Braun.

Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1933-1945: Abridged Edition

HarperCollins e-books - The second part covers the german extermination policies that resulted in the murder of six million European Jews—an official program that depended upon the cooperation of local authorities and police departments, the passivity of the populations, and the willingness of the victims to submit in desperate hope of surviving long enough to escape the German vise.

A monumental, saul friedländer's nazi germany and the Jews, multifaceted study now contained in a single volume, 1933-1945 is an essential study of a dark and complex history. Friedländer also provides the accounts of the persecutors themselves—and, impoverishment, in general, the testimonies of ordinary German citizens who, stood silent and unmoved by the increasing waves of segregation, humiliation, perhaps most telling of all, and violence.

Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1933-1945: Abridged Edition - Nazi germany and the jews, 1933-1945 is an abridged edition of saul friedländer's definitive pulitzer Prize-winning two-volume history of the Holocaust: Nazi Germany and the Jews: The Years of Persecution, 1933-1939 and The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945. The book's first part, dealing with the National Socialist campaign of oppression, restores the voices of Jews who were engulfed in an increasingly horrifying reality following the Nazi accession to power.