Kaddish for an Unborn Child

Vintage - The first word in this mesmerizing novel by the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature is “No. It is how the novel’s narrator, a middle-aged Hungarian-Jewish writer, answers an acquaintance who asks him if he has a child. As kertesz’s narrator addresses the child he couldn’t bear to bring into the world he ushers readers into the labyrinth of his consciousness, dramatizing the paradoxes attendant on surviving the catastrophe of Auschwitz.

It is the answer he gave his wife now ex-wife years earlier when she told him that she wanted one. The loss, longing and regret that haunt the years between those two “no”s give rise to one of the most eloquent meditations ever written on the Holocaust. Translated by Tim Wilkinson Used book in Good Condition.

Kaddish for an Unborn Child - Kaddish for the unborn child is a work of staggering power, lit by flashes of perverse wit and fueled by the energy of its wholly original voice.


Vintage - At the age of 14 georg koves is plucked from his home in a Jewish section of Budapest and without any particular malice, placed on a train to Auschwitz. He doesn’t particularly think of himself as Jewish. The genius of imre kertesz’s unblinking novel lies in its refusal to mitigate the strangeness of its events, not least of which is Georg’s dogmatic insistence on making sense of what he witnesses–or pretending that what he witnesses makes sense.

Vintage. He does not understand the reason for his fate. Haunting, elie wiesel, and all the more horrifying for its rigorous avoidance of sentiment, Fatelessness is a masterpiece in the traditions of Primo Levi, evocative, and Tadeusz Borowski. And his fellow prisoners, keep telling him, who decry his lack of Yiddish, “You are no Jew.

Fatelessness - In the lowest circle of the Holocaust, Georg remains an outsider.

For Two Thousand Years: The Classic Novel

Other Press - This literary masterpiece revives the ideological debates of the interwar period through the journal of a Romanian Jewish student caught between anti-Semitism and Zionism. Born of the violence of relentless anti-semitism, heart-wrenching chronicle of resilience and despair, self-derisive work captures a defining moment in history and lights the way for generations to come—a prescient, his searching, resistance and acceptance.

Available in english for the first time, mihail Sebastian’s classic 1934 novel delves into the mind of a Jewish student in Romania during the fraught years preceding World War II. Spending his days walking the streets and his nights drinking and conversing with revolutionaries, he remains isolated, and libertines, zealots, even from the women he loves.

For Two Thousand Years: The Classic Novel - Vintage. For two thousand years echoes mihail Sebastian’s struggles as the rise of fascism ended his career and turned his friends and colleagues against him. From bucharest to paris, he strives to make peace with himself in an increasingly hostile world. Although he endures persistent threats just to attend lectures, he feels disconnected from his Jewish peers and questions whether their activism will be worth the cost.

Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland

Penguin Books - On a summer day in 1941 in nazi-occupied poland, half of the town of Jedwabne brutally murdered the other half: 1, women, 600 men, and children-all but seven of the town's Jews. Vintage. Revealing wider truths about jewish-polish relations, Gross's investigation sheds light on how Jedwabne's Jews came to be murdered-not by faceless Nazis, the Holocaust, and human responses to occupation and totalitarianism, but by people who knew them well.

In this shocking and compelling study, historian Jan Gross pieces together eyewitness accounts as well as physical evidence into a comprehensive reconstruction of the horrific July day remembered well by locals but hidden to history.


Vintage - Imre kert?sz’s savagely lyrical and suspenseful new novel traces the continuing echoes the Holocaust and communism in the consciousness of contemporary Eastern Europe. Ten years after the fall of communism, a writer named B. Why did B. Who was born at auschwitz and miraculously survived–take his life? As Kingsbitter searches for the answer –and for the novel he is convinced lies hidden among his friend’s papers–Liquidation becomes an inquest into the deeply compromised inner life of a generation.

Commits suicide, devastating his circle and deeply puzzling his friend Kingsbitter. The result is moving, revelatory and haunting. For among B. S effects, kingsbitter finds a play that eerily predicts events after his death. Vintage. Used book in Good Condition.

Dossier K: A Memoir

Melville House - Is imre kertész’s response to the hasty biographies and profiles that followed his 2002 Nobel Prize for Literature—an attempt to set the record straight. The result is an extraordinary self-portrait, and his eventual turn to fiction, moving from memories of his childhood in Budapest, culminating in the novels—such as Fatelessness, his experiences as a censored journalist in postwar Hungary under successive totalitarian communist regimes, his imprisonment in Nazi death camps and the forged record that saved his life, Fiasco, in which Kertész interrogates himself about the course of his own remarkable life, unsentimental, and Kaddish for an Unborn Child—that have established him as one of the most powerful, and imaginatively daring writers of our time.

In this wide-ranging and provocative book, kertész continues to delve into the questions that have long occupied him: the legacy of the Holocaust, the distinctions drawn between fiction and reality, and what he calls “that wonderful burden of being responsible for oneself. Vintage. Used book in Good Condition.

Dossier K: A Memoir - . The first and only memoir from the nobel Prize–winning author, in the form of an illuminating, often funny, and often combative interview—with himselfDossier K.

Badenheim 1939

David R Godine - The vacationers arrive as they always have, a sampling of Jewish middle-class life: the impresario Dr. Vintage. And badenheim, a resort town vaguely in the orbit of Vienna, is preparing for its summer season. Pappenheim, his musicians, and their conductor; the gay Frau Tsauberblit; the historian, Dr. Used book in Good Condition.

Finally, the vacationers, whose numbers have now increased by the forced crowding-in of other Jews hardly on vacation, become de facto prisoners in their familiar resort; their "vacation" begins to take on the lineaments of undefined disaster. The text builds a sense of foreboding in which each human detail is so persuasive, that it leaves us transformed by what we and the author know must, and will, so right in its fidelity to the terrible evasions of the time, happen to Badenheim's visitors.

Badenheim 1939 - Badenheim 1939 owes everything to its author's astonishing capacity to recreate the energies and confusions of innocent and uncomprehending victims who, always loyal to civility and social graces, fail to even dimly see the cruel terms of their imminent fate. The list waxes as the summer wanes. The characters on stage are so deeply held by their defensive daily trivia that they manage to misconstrue every signal of their fate.

In months Europe will be Hitler's. It is spring 1939 in the age of anxiety.

Panther in the Basement

Mariner - Panther in the basement is a rich tapestry of character and political intrigue set against the birth of modern Israel. Insightful, inventive, and lyrical. New york times Book Review Vintage. Countries need writers as their voices of conscience; few have them. Twelve-year-old proffy, dreams of dying heroically in battle, indoctrinated by his patriotic father and a zealous Bible teacher, fighting for the creation of a Jewish state.

Israel has Oz. Washington postthe year is 1947: the last days of the British mandate in Palestine. Accused of treason for the friendship, Proffy must learn the true nature of loyalty and betrayal. Used book in Good Condition. Then he meets and befriends a kindly British soldier who shares with Proffy a love of language and the Bible.

Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland

Harper Perennial - Christopher R. Used book in Good Condition. Harper perennial. Ordinary men is a powerful, chilling, and important work with themes and arguments that continue to resonate today. A remarkable—and singularly chilling—glimpse of human behavior. This meticulously researched book. Represents a major contribution to the literature of the Holocaust.

Newsweek   Vintage. Ordinary men is the true story of reserve police battalion 101 of the German Order Police, which was responsible for mass shootings as well as round-ups of Jewish people for deportation to Nazi death camps in Poland in 1942. Very quickly three groups emerged within the battalion: a core of eager killers, a plurality who carried out their duties reliably but without initiative, and a small minority who evaded participation in the acts of killing without diminishing the murderous efficiency of the battalion whatsoever.

Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland - While this book discusses a specific reserve unit during WWII, the general argument Browning makes is that most people succumb to the pressures of a group setting and commit actions they would never do of their own volition. Browning argues that most of the men of  rpb 101 were not fanatical nazis but, ordinary middle-aged, including the group dynamics of conformity, role adaptation, rather, working-class men who committed these atrocities out of a mixture of motives, deference to authority, and the altering of moral norms to justify their actions.

Browning’s shocking account of how a unit of average middle-aged Germans became the cold-blooded murderers of tens of thousands of Jews—now with a new afterword and additional photographs.

Texaco: A Novel

Vintage - Chamoiseau is a writer who has the sophistication of the modern novelist, and it is from that position as an heir of Joyce and Kafka that he holds out his hand to the oral prehistory of literature. Milan kunderaof black martinican provenance, patrick chamoiseau gives us texaco winner of the Prix Goncourt, an international literary achievement, France's most prestigious literary prize, tracing one hundred and fifty years of post-slavery Caribbean history: a novel that is as much about self-affirmation engendered by memory as it is about a quest for the adequacy of its own form.

In a narrative composed of short sequences, the saucy, and interspersed with extracts from fictive notebooks and from statements by an urban planner, each recounting episodes or developments of moment, Marie-Sophie Laborieux, aging daughter of a slave affranchised by his master, tells the story of the tormented foundation of her people's identity.

Texaco: A Novel - . The shantytown established by Marie-Sophie is menaced from without by hostile landowners and from within by the volatility of its own provisional state. Harper perennial. Used book in Good Condition. Vintage. Hers is a brilliant polyphonic rendering of individual stories informed by rhythmic orality and subversive humor that shape a collective experience.

A joyous affirmation of literature that brings to mind Boccaccio, Montaigne, Rabelais, Lewis Carroll, Texaco is a work of rare power and ambition, and Joyce, La Fontaine, a masterpiece.

Enemies, A Love Story

Farrar, Straus and Giroux - Used book in Good Condition. Vintage. Almost before he knows it, herman broder, has three wives: yadwiga, his first wife, the Polish peasant who hid him from the Nazis; Masha, his beautiful and neurotic true love; and Tamara, refugee and survivor of World War II, miraculously returned from the dead. Astonished by each new complication, and yet resigned to a life of evasion, Herman navigates a crowded, Yiddish New York with a sense of perpetually impending doom.

Harper perennial.