Downtown 5233759 - It goes down smooth every time. The eodm formula for fantastic is humm: let's see. That's one part jesse Boots Electric Hughes, and one part Joshua Babyduck Homme. In 2008, eodm unleash Heart On. Stirred and served chillllled in a tall glass of class. Speculators are speculating that the Dream Boy Duo of dance and prance will bring home Olympic Album Gold once again.

Features the single 'Wannabe In L. A. '. In 2004, and death metal, followed in 2006, eagles of Death Metal launched their wholesome good-graciousness with Peace, Love, by the diabolical Death By Sexy.

Peace Love Death Metal

Ipecac Recordings 2107639 - Includes "i Only Want You". Ass-shakin' 2004 project featuring Josh Homme Queens Of The Stoneage / Them Crooked Vultures.

Zipper Down

T-Boy Records/UMe - And i believe them. Eodm was formed in 1998 in palm Desert, California by best friends Jesse Hughes and Joshua Homme. The story goes that a friend was introducing Joshua Homme to the death metal genre, and Homme wondered what a cross between the Eagles and a death metal band would sound like. One should not zipper up, they should zipper down and let it all hang out.

Homme says, 'in an independent study, four out of three doctors say ZIPPER DOWN is an eargasm trapped inside a crazerbeam. The album is produced by Homme. Despite their band name, EODM Eagles Of Death Metal is not a death metal band. Eodm eagles of death metal aka jesse hughes 'boots electric' and joshua homme 'baby duck', zippER DOWN! Available worldwide on October 2, ZIPPER DOWN features 11 tracks, including the hot lead single, are back with their first new album in seven years, 'Complexity.

Zipper Down - Recorded at pink duck studios in burbank, california, hughes and Homme co-wrote all of the album's songs with the exception of their cover of Duran Duran's 'Save A Prayer', and performed all of the instruments and vocals themselves. Shrink-wrapped. The band released peace love death metal in 2004, followed by Death By Sexy in 2006, and Heart On in 2008.

With that, EODM was born. The new album, really represents to me an attitude and philosophy of life, ZIPPER DOWN, ' says Hughes.


Matador Records - Produced by mark ronson and co-produced by mark rankin and mixed by alan Moulder, Villains is the first full album offering from Queens Of The Stone Age since 2013’s …Like Clockwork gave the band its first #1 album in the U. S. The only thing you can really control is when you let go. Joshua homme hundreds of epic shows, queens of the stone age reemerge from the desert newly scarred and somehow strangely prettier with lucky seventh album, Villains, one yearlong detour with Iggy Pop and multiple Grammy nominations later, unexplained injuries, memory lapses, out August 25 on Matador Records.

You can’t control that. It’s simply 1 a word that looks fantastic and 2 a comment on the three versions of every scenario: yours, mine and what actually happened… Everyone needs someone or something to rail against— their villain—same as it ever was. Like the stunning artwork of returning illustrator Boneface, the sonic signatures of the lineup that took …Like Clockwork around the world and back are as unmistakable as ever, though coexisting with sufficient new twists to induce recurring double takes.

Villains - Queens of the Stone Age- Villans. It has nothing to do with Trump or any of that shit. As homme himself puts it, “the most important aspect of making this record was redefining our sound, asking and answering the question ‘what do we sound like now?’ If you can’t make a great first record, you should just stop—but if you can make a great record but you keep making records and your sound doesn’t evolve, you become a parody of that original sound.

Longtime queens cohort co-producer mark rankin added, i was excited to get into the studio again with the challenge of pushing the sound for this record, “After the baptism of fire that was …Like Clockwork, especially with the the addition of Ronson into the creative mix… What we’ve made is forward looking yet unmistakably Queens.

Queens of the Stone Age

Rgs - Queens of the stone age queens of the stone age. Queens of the stone age queens of the stone age shrink-wrapped. Queens of the Stone Age- Villans.

EODM Presents Boots Electric Performing The Best Songs We Never Wrote

UMe - Blige, queens of the stone age, The Distillers, David Bowie & more! Shrink-wrapped. Queens of the Stone Age- Villans. Queens of the stone age queens of the stone age. Eagles of death metal's jesse boots electric hughes is tipping his hat to 13 of his favorite songs with his first covers album, titled Eagles Of Death Metal Presents Boots Electric Performing The Best Songs We Never Wrote.

. Hughes recorded and produced electrifying renditions of 13 songs he loves, George Michael/Wham, Ramones, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, including covers of KISS, Love & Rockets, Steve Miller Band, Mary J.

...Like Clockwork

Matador Records 26921209 - Whatever happened -- out there, underground laboratory, but one of the most ambitious, former meth lab, nuclear test site, decommissioned missile silo, convergence of brain waves and gamma rays, QOTSA emerges with not only their best work to date, in whatever desert arroyo, fully realized classic rock albums in recent memory.

Shrink-wrapped. Hold the horrible, lick the lunacy" and, instead of shying away from uncomfortable or painful subject matter -- face it head-on. Along with grohl, jon theodore now drumming full-time in the current live incarnation, Trent Reznor, Sir Elton John, Nick Oliveri, they picked up known associates Mark Lanegan, Alex Turner and Jake Shears.

...Like Clockwork - Queens of the stone age queens of the stone age. Queens of the Stone Age- Villans. Like clockwork is the first queens of the stone Age album since 2007's Era Vulgaris and, Joshua Homme, according to its founder constant, ". Like clockwork was the only thing that didn't happen.

Them Crooked Vultures

DGC/Interscope 6837152 - Queens of the Stone Age- Villans. 13 tracks. Shrink-wrapped. Queens of the stone age queens of the stone age. 2009 debut album from this alt-rock 'supergroup' featuring Josh Homme Queens Of The Stone Age, Dave Grohl Foo Fighters and John Paul Jones Led Zeppelin. Them crooked Vultures- Them Crooked Vultures. Shrink-wrapped.

Eagles Of Death Metal 2 CD Album Bundling - Zipper Down - Death By Sexy

Various - Shasta Beast 13. I gotta feeling Just Nineteen 3. Cherry Cola 4. I like to move in the Night 5. Silverlake K. S. O. F. M. 3. The reverend album 2: eagles Of Death Metal - Death By Sexy 1. I love you all the Time 5. Got a woman 4. Eagles Goth 12. This is a bundling of two Eagles Of Death Metal CDs. Shrink-wrapped. The deuce 10

Save a prayer 11. Skin-tight Boogie 8. Queens of the stone age queens of the stone age. Complexity 2. Poor doggie 10 It includes Zipper Down and Death by Sexy. Oh girl 6. Nasty notion - Bonus Track Shrink-wrapped. Don't speak i came to Make a Bang 7. Got the Power 7. Ballad of queen Bee & Baby Duck 9. Tracklisting: album 1: Eagles Of Death Metal - Zipper Down 1.

Era Vulgaris

Interscope Records - Julian casablanca's from the Strokes and Mark Lanegan appear as guests on various tracks. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Queens of the stone age are back with more juicy guitar ear hole injections, as they put Rock 'N' Roll and just about everything else to rights with their new album. It was produced by long time queens production cohort Chris Goss and Josh Homme himself at their hideaway in the dunes of Joshua Tree.

Them crooked Vultures- Them Crooked Vultures. Uk pressing of the 2007 album from Hard Rockers features two bonus tracks: 'Running Joke' and 'Era Vulgaris'. Queens of the Stone Age- Villans. Polydor. Queens of the stone age queens of the stone age. This mind-blowing album sees the band return to their deepest, darkest roots, with shadowy riffs reminiscent of the desert sounds of the Kyuss days combined with multi layered industrial power guitar and organ blasts of a new era.

"Let's Rock"

Nonesuch - The black keys’ninth studio album, ”will be released June 28, “Let’s Rock, 2019 via Easy Eye Sound/Nonesuch Records. The long-awaited album, their first in five years, is a return to the straightforward rock of thesinger/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney’searly days as a band.

Auerbach says, that’s where that real magic is, “When we’re together we are The Black Keys, and always has been since we were sixteen. The black keys’ thirty-one city North American tour begins September 23. Let’s rock”was written, tracked live, and produced by Auerbach and Carney at Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville and features backingvocals from Leisa Hans and Ashley Wilcoxson.

"Let's Rock" - The record is like a homage to electric guitar, ” says Carney. Them crooked Vultures- Them Crooked Vultures. We took a simple approach and trimmed all the fat like we used to. Shrink-wrapped. Queens of the stone age queens of the stone age. Shrink-wrapped. Queens of the Stone Age- Villans. Shrink-wrapped.