Emotional Literacy in Criminal Justice: Professional Practice with Offenders

Palgrave Macmillan - Emotions remain largely invisible in the management of criminal justice practice. The book examines some of the gendered implications of this practice and develops an argument for the explicit building of emotional resources within organizations to sustain the development, enhancement and support of emotional literacy in the workforce.

Using practice examples, knight reveals how practitioners can benefit from having an understanding of their own emotions and how these can impact on their practice. This unique and accessible book will be a valuable resource to practitioners across the criminal justice sector including probation officers, as well as scholars working within criminology, policymakers and managers, social workers, youth justice workers, police and prison officers, criminal justice and probation.

Emotional Literacy in Criminal Justice: Professional Practice with Offenders - This book seeks to uncover some of the underground emotional work of practitioners and make visible the impact of both positive and negative emotions, which play a crucial role in practitioner-offender relationships. Exploring how practitioners understand, knight argues that the 'soft skills' of emotion are more likely to achieve motivation and change in offenders than the 'hard' skills of punishment, regulate and work with emotion, monitoring and surveillance.

Criminal Courts: A Contemporary Perspective

SAGE Publications, Inc - Authors craig Hemmens, David C. Brody, and cassia spohn take a comprehensive and accessible approach which allows instructors to cover all of the “standard” material and the option to add selections they consider interesting and relevant to their particular course. Written by three nationally recognized experts in the field, Criminal Courts: A Contemporary Perspective explores all conventional topics court structure, courtroom actors, and the trial and appeals process as well as others seldom covered, such as specialty courts and the goals and functions of the law.

Packed with contemporary examples and new pedagogical tools, the Third Edition has been thoroughly revised with the most up-to date content and resources to give students a more comprehensive understanding of the criminal courts system. This text will provide students with an understanding of the foundational concepts and enable them to  hold a detailed discussion about the criminal courts system and the participants involved.

Criminal Courts: A Contemporary Perspective - Additional instructor resources and study tools can be found online at www. Sagepub. Com/hemmens2e.

The Police in America: An Introduction

McGraw-Hill Higher Education - The connect course for this offering includes SmartBook, recall, an adaptive reading and study experience which guides students to master, and apply key concepts while providing automatically-graded assessments. This ensures that he or she is focused on the content needed to close specific knowledge gaps, while it simultaneously promotes long term learning.

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The Police in America: An Introduction - Its innovative and adaptive technology addresses a wide variety of student and instructor needs with a rich database of assignable and assessable activities, each attached to learning objectives. Using timely articles and excerpts, the authors take readers beyond the headlines and statistics to present a comprehensive and contemporary overview of what it means to be a police officer.

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The Police in America: An Introduction, 8th edition

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Progress dashboards that quickly show how you are performing on your assignments and tips for improvement. The option to purchase for a small fee a print version of the book. Mcgraw-hill connect® is a subscription-based learning service accessible online through your personal computer or tablet. Using timely articles and excerpts, the authors take readers beyond the headlines and statistics to present a comprehensive and contemporary overview of what it means to be a police officer.

The Police in America: An Introduction, 8th edition - Instructors and students can now access their course content through the Connect digital learning platform by purchasing either standalone Connect access or a bundle of print and Connect access. Descriptive and analytical, the text is designed to offer undergraduate students a balanced and up-to-date overview of who the police are and what they do, the problems they face, and the many reforms and innovations that have taken place in policing.

This binder-ready, loose-leaf version includes free shipping. Complete system requirements to use Connect can be found here: http://www. Mheducation. Com/highered/platforms/connect/training-support-students.

Essential Criminology

Routledge - Lanier, stuart Henry, and Desire. M. It then covers the major theories of crime, from individual-level, and rational choice to biological, social learning, psychological, social control, classical, and interactionist perspectives. In the fourth edition of Essential Criminology, authors Mark M. With cutting-edge updates, illustrative real-world examples, and new study tools for students, this text is a necessity for both undergraduate and graduate courses in criminology.

In this latest edition, the authors explore the kind of criminology that is needed for the globally interdependent twenty-first century. Anastasia build upon this best-selling critical review of criminology, which has become essential reading for students of criminology in the 21st century. Designed as an alternative to overly comprehensive, lengthy, Essential Criminology is, as its title implies, and expensive introductory texts, a concise overview of the field.

Essential Criminology - The book guides students through the various definitions of crime and the different ways crime is measured.

Human Trafficking: Exploring the International Nature, Concerns, and Complexities

CRC Press - Supplemented by discussion questions in each chapter, the book is sure to stimulate debate on a troubling phenomenon.  . It is an atrocity that transcends borders—with some regions known as exporters of trafficking victims and others recognized as destination countries. Edited by three global experts and composed of the work of an esteemed panel of contributors, Concerns, Human Trafficking: Exploring the International Nature, and Complexities examines techniques used to protect and support victims of trafficking as well as strategies for prosecution of offenders.

Topics discussed include: how data on human trafficking should be collected and analyzed, practitioners, and policy-makers, law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, and how data collection can be improved through proper contextualizationThe importance of harmonization and consistency in legal definitions and interpretations within and among regionsThe need for increased exchange of information and cooperation between the various actors involved in combating human trafficking, including investigators, and social workersProblems with victim identification, as well as erroneous assumptions of the scope of victimizationControversy over linking protection measures with cooperation with authoritiesHighlighting the issues most addressed by contemporary scholars, researchers, this volume also suggests areas ripe for further inquiry and investigation.

Human Trafficking: Exploring the International Nature, Concerns, and Complexities - Human trafficking is a crime that undermines fundamental human rights and a broader sense of global order.

Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective

Cambridge University Press - This book examines all forms of human trafficking globally, revealing the operations of the trafficking business and the nature of the traffickers themselves. Drawing on a wide body of academic research - actual prosecuted cases, latin america, diverse reports and field work and interviews conducted by the author over the last sixteen years in Asia, Europe and the former socialist countries - Louise Shelley concludes that human trafficking will grow in the twenty-first century as a result of economic and demographic inequalities in the world, Africa, the rise of conflicts and possibly global climate change.

Coordinated efforts of government, the business community, civil society, multilateral organizations and the media are needed to stem its growth. Using a historical and comparative perspective, it demonstrates that there is more than one business model of human trafficking and that there are enormous variations in human trafficking in different regions of the world.