Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk: A Novel

Ecco #ad - Surrounded by patriots sporting flag pins on their lapels and support our troops bumper stickers, he is thrust into the company of the team’s owner and his coterie of wealthy colleagues; a born-again cheerleader; a veteran Hollywood producer; and supersized players eager for a vicarious taste of war.

. New york times bestsellerNow a Major Motion Picture“Brilliantly done. Grand, intimate, and joyous. New york times book review“Mothers, sons, father, and daughters: read this giant-hearted novel. Maria semple, author of where’d you go, bernadettethree minutes and forty-three seconds of intensive warfare with Iraqi insurgents—caught on tape by an embedded Fox News crew—has transformed the eight surviving men of Bravo Squad into America’s most sought-after heroes.

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk: A Novel #ad - On this rainy thanksgiving day, the Bravos are guests of a Dallas football team, slated to be part of the halftime show. Among the bravos is nineteen-year-old Specialist Billy Lynn. Over the course of this day, yearn for home and mourn those missing, Billy will drink and brawl, face a heart-wrenching decision and discover pure love and a bitter wisdom far beyond his years.

Poignant, and exquisitely heartbreaking, riotously funny, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is a searing and powerful novel that has cemented Ben Fountain’s reputation as one of the finest writers of his generation. Now they’re on a media-intensive nationwide tour to reinvigorate public support for the war.


Brief Encounters with Che Guevara: Stories

HarperCollins e-books #ad - In "near-extinct birds of the central cordillera, " an ornithologist being held hostage in the Colombian rain forest finds that he respects his captors for their commitment to a cause, until he realizes that the Revolution looks a lot like big business. In "the good ones are already taken, " the wife of a Special Forces officer battles a Haitian voodoo goddess with whom her husband is carrying on a not-entirely-spiritual relationship.

. The well-intentioned protagonists of brief Encounters with Che Guevara are caught -- to both disastrous and hilarious effect -- in the maelstrom of political and social upheaval surrounding them. And in "the lion's mouth, " a disillusioned aid worker makes a Faustian bargain to become a diamond smuggler for the greater good.

Brief Encounters with Che Guevara: Stories #ad - Brief encounters with che guevara marks the arrival of a striking and resonant new voice that speaks adeptly to the intimate connection between the foreign, the familiar, and the inescapably human. With masterful pacing and a robust sense of the absurd, steeped in the heady mix of tragedy and danger, each story in Brief Encounters with Che Guevara is a self-contained adventure, excitement and hope, that characterizes countries in transition.

Through fountain's rounded and novelistic prose, these intelligent and keenly observed stories are painted in provocative and vibrant detail across a global canvas.


Beautiful Country Burn Again: Democracy, Rebellion, and Revolution

Ecco #ad - In a sequence of essays that excavate the past while laying bare the political upheaval of 2016, Ben Fountain argues that the United States may be facing a third existential crisis, one that will require a “burning” of the old order as America attempts to remake itself. Beautiful country burn again narrates a shocking year in American politics, moving from the early days of the Iowa Caucus to the crystalizing moments of the Democratic and Republican national conventions, and culminating in the aftershocks of the weeks following election night.

Along the way, illuminating the forces and watershed moments of the past that mirror and precipitated the present, to Richard Nixon’s southern strategy, to our weaponized new conception of American exceptionalism, from the hollowed-out notion of the American Dream, Fountain probes deeply into history, to the cult of celebrity that gave rise to Donald Trump.

Beautiful Country Burn Again: Democracy, Rebellion, and Revolution #ad - In an urgent and deeply incisive voice, Ben Fountain has fused history and the present day to paint a startling portrait of the state of our nation. Beautiful country burn again is a searing indictment of how we came to this point, and where we may be headed. In a sweeping work of reportage set over the course of 2016, culminating in the civil war, the struggle over slavery, the united States has been faced with a crisis so severe it was forced to reinvent itself in order to survive: first, New York Times bestselling author Ben Fountain recounts a surreal year of politics and an exploration of the third American existential crisis Twice before in its history, the Great Depression, and the second, which led to President Roosevelt’s New Deal and the establishment of America as a social-democratic state.


Spatiality The New Critical Idiom

Routledge #ad - Spatiality has risen to become a key concept in literary and cultural studies, with critical focus on the ‘spatial turn’ presenting a new approach to the traditional literary analyses of time and history. Robert T. Tally Jr. Explores differing aspects of the spatial in literary studies today, edward soja, including michel foucault, from historicism and postmodernism to postcolonialism and globalizationIntroductions to the major theorists of spatiality, literature of the city and urban space, and the concepts of literary geography, providing:An overview of the spatial turn across literary theory, and Fredric JamesonAnalysis of critical perspectives on spatiality, David Harvey, Georg Lukács, Erich Auerbach, such as the writer as map-maker, cartographics and geocriticism.

Spatiality The New Critical Idiom #ad - This clear and engaging study presents readers with a thought provoking and illuminating guide to the literature and criticism of ‘space’.


Lost Memory of Skin

Ecco #ad - But when the professor’s past resurfaces and threatens to destroy his carefully constructed world, the balance in the two men’s relationship shifts. Suddenly, the kid must reconsider everything he has come to believe, and choose what course of action to take when faced with a new kind of moral decision.

Long one of our most acute and insightful novelists, Russell Banks often examines the indistinct boundaries between our intentions and actions. The two men forge a tentative partnership, the Kid remaining wary of the Professor’s motives even as he accepts the counsel and financial assistance of the older man.

When the camp beneath the causeway is raided by the police, and later, the Professor tries to help the Kid in practical matters while trying to teach his young charge new ways of looking at, when a hurricane all but destroys the settlement, and understanding, what he has done. A mature and masterful work of contemporary fiction from one of our most accomplished storytellers, show-casing Banks at his most compelling, Lost Memory of Skin unfolds in language both powerful and beautifully lyrical, his reckless sense of humor and intense empathy at full bore.

The perfect convergence of writer and subject, lost Memory of Skin probes the zeitgeist of a troubled society where zero tolerance has erased any hope of subtlety and compassion—a society where isolating the offender has perhaps created a new kind of victim. The acclaimed author of the sweet hereafter and rule of the bone returns with a provocative new novel that illuminates the shadowed edges of contemporary American culture with startling and unforgettable resultsSuspended in a strangely modern-day version of limbo, the young man at the center of Russell Banks’s uncompromising and morally complex new novel must create a life for himself in the wake of incarceration.

Lost Memory of Skin #ad - Enter the professor, a man who has built his own life on secrets and lies. Known in his new identity only as the kid, and on probation after doing time for a liaison with an underage girl, he is shackled to a GPS monitoring device and forbidden to live within 2, 500 feet of anywhere children might gather.



Penguin Books #ad - Winner of the 2014 national book award for fiction · winner of the john leonard first book prize · selected as one of the best books of the year by The New York Times Book Review,  Newsweek,  Time, and more  Phil Klay's Redeployment takes readers to the frontlines of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,  Amazon,  The Washington Post Book World, asking us to understand what happened there, and what happened to the soldiers who returned.

Interwoven with themes of brutality and faith, guilt and fear, helplessness and survival, the characters in these stories struggle to make meaning out of chaos. In "redeployment", a soldier who has had to shoot dogs because they were eating human corpses must learn what it is like to return to domestic life in suburbia, surrounded by people "who have no idea where Fallujah is, where three members of your platoon died.

Redeployment #ad - In "after action report", a lance Corporal seeks expiation for a killing he didn't commit, in order that his best friend will be unburdened. A morturary affairs Marine tells about his experiences collecting remains—of U. S. Redeployment is poised to become a classic in the tradition of war writing. Across nations and continents, Klay sets in devastating relief the two worlds a soldier inhabits: one of extremes and one of loss.

Written with a hard-eyed realism and stunning emotional depth, this work marks Phil Klay as one of the most talented new voices of his generation. And iraqi soldiers both.


Sand Queen: A Novel

Soho Press #ad - Instead, she finds herself in a forgotten corner of the Iraq desert in 2003, guarding a makeshift American prison. This novel of female friendship in the midst of war is “The Things They Carried for women in Iraq” The Boston Globe. There, kate meets naema jassim, an Iraqi medical student whose father and little brother have been detained in the camp.

Naema suffers bombs, starvation, and the loss of her home and family. As the two women struggle to survive and hold on to the people they love, each comes to have a drastic and unforeseeable effect on the other’s life. Like any soldier, kate must face the daily threats of combat duty, but as a woman, she is in equal danger from the predatory men in her unit.

Sand Queen: A Novel #ad - Nineteen-year-old kate Brady joined the army to bring honor to her family and to the Middle East. Kate and naema promise to help each other, but the war soon strains their intentions. From the author of wolf season and the lonely soldier, and informed by numerous interviews with those who were there, vivid story of the particular difficulties of being not just a soldier, Sand Queen is a “heartbreaking, but a female soldier” Bustle.


The Throwback Special: A Novel

W. W. Norton & Company #ad - Along the way, misunderstandings, mishaps, and grievances pile up, and the comforting traditions holding the group together threaten to give way. The throwback special is a moving and comic tale filled with pitch-perfect observations about manhood, middle age, marriage, and the rituals we all enact as part of being alive.

Over the course of a weekend, fears, spend a long night of the soul preparing for the play, and passions as they choose roles, the men reveal their secret hopes, and finally enact their bizarre ritual for what may be the last time. Winner of the paris Review/Terry Southern Prize for Humor. Chris bachelder is a witty, compassionate troublemaker, and we need more like him.

George saundershere is the absorbing story of twenty-two men who gather every fall to painstakingly reenact what ESPN called “the most shocking play in NFL history” and the Washington Redskins dubbed the “Throwback Special”: the November 1985 play in which the Redskins’ Joe Theismann had his leg horribly broken by Lawrence Taylor of the New York Giants live on Monday Night Football.

The Throwback Special: A Novel #ad - With wit and great empathy, envied and despised by the others for being exquisitely fit; Jeff, Chris Bachelder introduces us to Charles, a psychologist whose expertise is in high demand; George, a garrulous public librarian; Fat Michael, a recently divorced man who has become a theorist of marriage; and many more.


The Yellow Birds: A Novel

Little, Brown and Company #ad - With profound emotional insight, especially into the effects of a hidden war on mothers and families at home, The Yellow Birds is a groundbreaking novel that is destined to become a classic. In the endless days that follow, the two young soldiers do everything to protect each other from the forces that press in on every side: the insurgents, physical fatigue, and the mental stress that comes from constant danger.

In al tafar, iraq, twenty-one-year old Private Bartle and eighteen-year-old Private Murphy cling to life as their platoon launches a bloody battle for the city. As reality begins to blur into a hazy nightmare, Murphy becomes increasingly unmoored from the world around him and Bartle takes actions he could never have imagined.

The Yellow Birds: A Novel #ad - Bound together since basic training when Bartle makes a promise to bring Murphy safely home, the two have been dropped into a war neither is prepared for. Finalist for the national book Award, The Yellow Birds is the harrowing story of two young soldiers trying to stay alive in Iraq. The war tried to kill us in the spring.

So begins this powerful account of friendship and loss.


American Foreign Relations: A Very Short Introduction Very Short Introductions

Oxford University Press #ad - Sharply written and highly readable, American Foreign Relations offers a clear-eyed narrative of America's role in the world and how it has evolved over time. About the series: the very short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. The united states has been a savior to some, a curse to others, but either way such views are often based on a caricature of American actions and intentions.

American foreign relations, then, is a subject of immense global importance that provokes strong emotions and much debate, but often based on deep misunderstanding. This very short introduction analyzes the key episodes, themes, and individuals in the history of American foreign relations. Our expert authors combine facts, perspective, analysis, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

American Foreign Relations: A Very Short Introduction Very Short Introductions #ad - While discussing diplomacy and the periods of war that have shaped national and international history, imperialism, it also addresses such topics as industrialization, globalization, and immigration. For better or worse--be it militarily, technologically, politically, economically, or culturally--Americans have had a profound role in shaping the wider world beyond them.

These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Covering the revolution through the War on Terror, it examines the connections between domestic politics and foreign affairs, as well as the importance of ideals and values.


The Submission: A Novel

Farrar, Straus and Giroux #ad - His fiercest defender on the jury is its sole widow, the self-possessed and mediagenic Claire Burwell. Their conflicted response is only a preamble to the country's. The memorial's designer is an enigmatic, ambitious architect named Mohammad Khan. Entertainment weekly's favorite novel of 2011 esquire's 2011 book of the year a new york times notable book for 2011a Washington Post Notable Fiction Book for 2011One of NPR's 10 Best Novels of 2011Ten years after 9/11, a dazzling, kaleidoscopic novel reimagines its aftermathA jury gathers in Manhattan to select a memorial for the victims of a devastating terrorist attack.

In the fight for both advantage and their ideals, all will bring the emotional weight of their own histories to bear on the urgent question of how to remember, and understand, a national tragedy. In this deeply humane novel, the breadth of Amy Waldman's cast of characters is matched by her startling ability to conjure their perspectives.

The Submission: A Novel #ad - A striking portrait of a fractured city striving to make itself whole, The Submission is a piercing and resonant novel by an important new talent. Their fraught deliberations complete, the jurors open the envelope containing the anonymous winner's name—and discover he is an American Muslim. But when the news of his selection leaks to the press, wary activists, opportunistic politicians, fellow jurors, she finds herself under pressure from outraged family members and in collision with hungry journalists, and Khan himself—as unknowable as he is gifted.

Instantly they are cast into roiling debate about the claims of grief, the ambiguities of art, and the meaning of Islam.